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Written by Olin Coles and Emily Ladouceur   
Monday, 26 April 2010
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Camangi WebStation WS-171 Android Tablet PC
Android WebStation Specifications
First Look: WebStation Android Tablet
WebStation Tablet Detailed Features
Testing and User Experience
Camangi WebStation Conclusion

First Look: WebStation Android Tablet

SmartPhone devices can be great, but there are times when phone calls and battery life are more important than operating as a compact office tool. The Camangi WebStation combines the strengths of SmartPhone functionality with the features of a tablet-PC or eBook reader. With a 4.72 x 7.87 x 0.57-inch profile, the 13.75 (0.86 LB) Camangi WebStation tablet PC delivers enough functionality to compliment any mobile need.


The Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC is available in white, with piano-black and pink to be revealed soon. The 800x480-pixel 7" TFT LCD touch screen measures 6.0-inches wide by 3.625-inches tall (when positioned in the standard landscape display mode), and is capable of 16-million colors. Users will want to remove the crystal clear protective plastic film that covers the face of the WebStation unit; this thin transparent sheet doesn't have a lift tab or other removal notice, and can easily be missed or mistaken for a permanent feature.


Depending primarily on touch-screen instruction, there are only six buttons on the entire Camangi WebStation: three main menu buttons on the front, two directional/volume/page buttons along the left side, and a single power button recessed at the top. A 3.5mm stereo headphone audio output jack accommodates the included earbuds, which turn the WebStation into a private multimedia player in noise-sensitive environments. For public places there are two 1W 8-Ohm stereo speakers, which provide better sound quality than any SmartPhone could offer. Combined with the pinhole microphone receiver the WebStation can operate as a communication device through any Android-based messenger program (MSN, AIM, Yahoo), or make Internet-based calls using Fring or Skype.


Based on the Google Android 1.5 Operating System, the Camangi WebStation is powered by a 624MHz Marvell PXA303 processor and receives 128MB of mobile DDR system memory added to 256MB of integrated NAND flash memory. Hidden inside the top of the WebStation is a Micro-SD card slot, which comes with an 8GB unit but supports up to 16GB of flash storage. Along the right side of the WebStation is a single Hi-Speed USB-2.0 standard type-A port that is perfect for a third-party 3G wireless dongle or corded/wireless keyboard, and also a mini-B USB port that supports camera connections. Also hidden, is a stylus touch pen, which secures into the bottom of the unit.


Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity supports IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless networks, or the WebStation can utilize any subscribed 3G cellular network when connected to a cell phone through a third-party dongle. This allows users to communicate through supported email clients, webmail, chat, IM, VoIP, and Internet-telephony applications.

Camangi has included a plastic stand that keeps the WebStation positioned upright. This is useful for travelers who want to use the WebStation as a bedside LCD clock with alarm functionality, or for displaying stored images of friends and family to remind you when you're away on business.



# 3G-ConnectionBraun 2010-10-10 04:15
3G-connection is impossible - I tryed with Huawei E220 (Vodafone), K3765 (Vodafone), K3565Z (Vodafone, MF110 (O2).
Connection was impossible!
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