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Written by Olin Coles and Emily Ladouceur   
Monday, 26 April 2010
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Camangi WebStation WS-171 Android Tablet PC
Android WebStation Specifications
First Look: WebStation Android Tablet
WebStation Tablet Detailed Features
Testing and User Experience
Camangi WebStation Conclusion

Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC

If you consider the amount of code produced, it could be argued that Google is the world's largest software developer. The popular Google Android OS is at the center of the Google Nexus, Motorola Droid, and HTC Incredible smartphone devices. Android offers a large library of both commercially-available and free applications, and although the list is shorter than that of the Apple iPhone, it grows larger every day. While smartphone owners have become accustomed to their micro-size computers, many still depend on a netbook or laptop PC to get their work done. The Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC combines the best of both into one compact computer.

The Camangi WebStation is a compact tablet Wi-Fi or 3G-connected PC that utilizes the Google Android Operating System. Similar to the Apple iPad, the Camangi WebStation adds all of the features an Android smartphone offers and combines them with tablet size and functionality. Weighing a mere 13 ounces, the Camangi WebStation tablet can double as an eBook reader with the installed Aldiko or Google Books applications. Internet phone calls can be made using Fring, and the 3G Wizard adds connectivity when Wi-Fi is unavailable. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC in a combination of everyday uses to see how well it can replace other compact computer devices.


Camangi originally introduced their WebStation around Q2-2009, and followed-up with a successful pre-order event. Introduced in April 2010, the Camangi WebStation is re-launched as a 'New Upgrade Version' model WS-171.The test unit Benchmark Reviews received was assigned part number WS171A0B0014-JP-W. The 'New Upgrade Version' Camangi WebStation has UPC 094922491183, and EAN 1094922478374.

About Camangi Corporation

Camangi is an international company founded in 2002 and specializes in Internet Communication. Our products and services include Web Talk patent technology, VoIP solutions, value-added application platform, and modules development for web services.

Camangi aims to develop communication software based on the patented Web Talk technology. We built up the simplest B2C /C2C and B2B communication platform, fulfilling the interactive demands of internet and telecom. We intend to provide the excellent technology with three aspects: friendly, simple, and well-executive. Consequently, turn the complicated structure into the convenient communication tool for business purpose.

Discerning the future trend and located a potential market for an Internet portable device with clouding service business model, Camangi is ready to expand into a new territory aimed at providing solutions for Android devices and related software service. The launch of the 7-inch WebStation, also the world's first 7-inch Android device, is the best portrayal of our commitment.

Furthermore, to provide even more useful applications for Android users, Camangi also introduces the Camangi Market, which is an online platform for Camangi WebStation users to download applications and create own user experiences.

The introduction of these services serves as the epitome of Cloud Computing by integrating the best of online platform operation along with development of the latest portable device. Camangi is committed to developing more medium-sized Android portable devices in the near future and we hope that our quality products will provide a smarter and easier way to let you embrace the new technology.



# 3G-ConnectionBraun 2010-10-10 04:15
3G-connection is impossible - I tryed with Huawei E220 (Vodafone), K3765 (Vodafone), K3565Z (Vodafone, MF110 (O2).
Connection was impossible!
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