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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 25 April 2008
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Honeywell 22-Inch LCD Monitor MT-SY-HWLM2216
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Honeywell Arius Exterior
MT-SY-HWLM2216 Detailed Features
Graphics Performance Testing
Power Consumption and Temperature
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Honeywell MT-SY-HWLM2216

Honeywell is brand new to the LCD monitor industry, which is why they called upon the expertise of SOYO. After making giant waves in the market with their 24-Inch DYLM24D6 ultra-affordable widescreen LCD, SOYO was put to work building an up-scale version with premium features. The end result of their work became the Honeywell Arius product line, which features an integrated webcam, microphone, speakers, and USB ports. The Honeywell Arius MT-SY-HWLM2216 22-Inch WSXGA+ widescreen LCD monitor boasts a quick 2ms response time. Benchmark Reviews has be fortunate enough to test this monitor in our labs, and we find out just how well it performs for hardcore gamers and casual PC users alike.

Designed to provide the ideal display solution for a wide variety of applications at the office, home or school, the SXGA (Super Extended Graphics Array) technology delivers crisp, vibrant text and images while you are working on spreadsheets and reports, writing emails, preparing presentations, watching movies, playing games, or surfing the Internet. The Honeywell MT-SY-HWLM2216 makes for a perfect widescreen display regardless of your application.

Honeywell Aruis 22-Inch Widescreen 2ms Widescreen Monitor MT-SY-HWLM2216

The Honeywell Arius 22-Inch widescreen LCD monitor incorporates superior TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display technology in a stylish compact design that frees up valuable desk space, with a wide-angle flat screen that offers a view of the screen from various angles without compromising image quality. Featuring high brightness, sharp contrast and vivid colors for hours of comfortable viewing, and Honeywell's built-in speakers deliver stereo-quality sound.

Honeywell Aruis 22-Inch Widescreen 2ms Widescreen Monitor MT-SY-HWLM2216

About the company: Honeywell Consumer Electronic Division

When it comes to applying leading-edge technology to solve the world's problems, few companies can rival our long record of achievement. It began in the 1880s. We pioneered a combination of sensors and actuators that gave birth to a new field of technology - automation and control. We have never looked back. Across twelve decades, Honeywell's employees and their inventions have been building a better world. We have created groundbreaking technology solutions for customers of our aerospace, transportation systems, and specialty materials businesses. And, yes, we are still the world's leader in automation and control solutions.


Honeywell International Inc. is a household name for most people, thanks to the long history of producing quality thermostats. On the commercial side of business, they has offered aircraft engines and aviation components for many years. These parts of the business won't be changing anytime soon, but a recent deal with SOYO has started the Honeywell Consumer Electronic Division and produced a new line of flat-panel televisions and monitors. SOYO designs and distributes these newly-designed products on behalf of Honeywell.

SOYO Group, Inc. is a provider of consumer electronics such as, LCD Monitors, LCD Televisions, Bluetooth, Portable Storage, Home Theater Furniture and broadband telecommunications products and services. Headquartered in Ontario, California, with additional sales offices in South America, SOYO Group sells its products through an extensive network of authorized distributors, resellers, system integrators, VARs, retailers, mail-order catalogs and e-tailers. Products are sold under the SOYO, Go Video, Dragon, Onyx, Dymond, Honeywell, Le Vello, and Prive brand names. For more information, please visit the SOYO Group website.


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