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Written by Joey Peng   
Wednesday, 08 December 2010
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Mad Catz CoD: Black Ops 5.1 ProGaming Headset
Closer Look: Mad Catz CoD Headset
Mad Catz CoD Headset Detailed Features
Mad Catz CoD Headset Software, Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Mad Catz CoD Headset Detailed Features

The Mad Catz CoD Headset has one particular advantage: no software installation needed. All adjustments are located on the audio controller. If you extend the cables, that's about 70 centimeters away from the bottom of the headset, dangling around your knee if you stood up. The provided clip simply isn't enough to hold the heavy controller anywhere, most of the time it ends up sitting in my lap.

The controller combines master volume and power into a single spinning dial at the top. There's a mic on/off switch, which will also toggle the LED light on the controller between red and green. You also have volume control for four audio channels; front, rear, center speakers and the subwoofer. It's easy to get a stronger base by lowering the volume of other channels and then increasing the master volume. This is one of the best solutions to for easy audio adjustments, made possible thanks to eight distinct speakers.


The Mad Catz CoD Headset uses analog input along with USB for powering. Most motherboards now have built-in analog output. For those that don't, a compatible sound card is needed before you can experience true 5.1 surround sound. Otherwise the headset can still be used in stereo mode, leaving some of the analog cables unplugged.


One particularly nice thing about Mad Catz is you can purchase replacement parts like the mic or ear pads from Tritton's website. For the CoD Dolby Digital 5.1 Headset, Mad Catz included extra pair of cloth covers if leather isn't your style. Do note that Tritton only uses faux leather. The ear pads wrap tightly around the earpiece, so swapping isn't always the easiest task. The included pick can help but I wouldn't want to switch too often.


The Mad Catz CoD Headset's headrest is also swappable, though more for appearance than comfort. Unlike the ear pads, the headrest slides in and out and can be swapped easily. Looking into the uncovered area, the headpiece is essentially hollow with several supporting pieces. The eight distinct speakers make up the majority of the headset's weight.


The headset is capable of extending its length by about two centimeters on each side. It locks tightly so a firm jerk is needed to change the adjustment. The Mad Catz CoD Headset is designed to cover the ears, so adjusting it to a suitable length is critical for maintaining comfort. Since the ear pieces are so heavy, you want to avoid them touching your ears and have your head do all the lifting.


They key for true surround sound is distinct speakers per sound channel. The Mad Catz CoD Dolby Digital 5.1 Headset contains four distinct speakers for each ear. Mad Catz doesn't sacrifice quality for quantity, giving you 3x 30mm drivers and a 40mm subwoofer for each ear. You can freely adjust the balance using the audio controller, being able to reach a level of heavy base similar to that of top-end stereo headsets designed for music. Unlike software-driven equalizers, The Mad Catz CoD Headset allows enormous flexibility and on-the-fly adjustments.


The Mad Catz Dolby Digital 5.1 Gaming Headset seems promising in many aspects. The Call of Duty: Black Ops design with lighting is unique and visually stunning. Next up Benchmark Reviews will be testing the headset to see what type of audio quality we get from games, movies, and music.


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