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Written by Dan Ferguson   
Friday, 15 January 2010
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Lian-Li LanCool PC-K58W Computer Case
Closer Look: PC-K58W Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: PC-K58W Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

LianLi LanCool PC-K58W Case Review

LanCool's line of Dragon Lord computer cases offer two great advantages over many competitors. The first is the amount of customization they provide in choosing a stock model. Rather than simply providing one high end case and one low end case they provide options for several intermediate levels. The second advantage offered by LanCool is their tool-less designs. Many tool-less designs of the past have suffered from compatibility or usability problems. LanCool uses a fresh approach to alleviate the problems of the past while still providing the option to fall back on conventional installation. Benchmark Reviews recently reviewed the PC-K56W which offers snap-in hard drive assemblies. We now bring you the PC-K58W which extends the tool-less design, offers more space, more features, and more room to upgrade.

Perhaps you have used a case with tool-less hardware installation. My first experience was a PCI bar that held all PCI cards in place at once. The idea was simple, easy, and terribly flawed. All PCI cards are not created equal. The inserts often had subtle size variations that made it difficult to get the card into place, or sometimes to keep the card in place long enough to screw it down. The single PCI bar required wrangling all cards simultaneously which often proved impossible. I have similar experiences with other tool-less designs. One particularly frustrating mechanism was a spring-loaded hard drive clamp. Simply push a button and slide in the hard drive. I quickly found that some of my drives would either not lock firmly or could not be released.

LanCool PC-K58W Mid-Tower Computer Case

Incompatibilty is a result of an inability to predict every possible design. As will be shown, the PC-K58W uses new designs to avoid these pitfalls and allows for conventional installation using screws in all their tool-less hardware.

LanCool PC-K58W Features

  • Tool-Free Design
  • Large Frontal Fan
  • Rear Exhaust Fan
  • Passive Air Filtration
  • Transparent Side Window
  • Removable Top and Sides
  • Internal Cable Management
  • Bottom Mounted PSU
  • Water Cooling Ports
  • PC-K58W Specifications

    Model PC-K58W
    Case Type Advance Mid Tower
    Dimensions 214mm x 496mm x 498 mm (W, H, D)
    Front bezel Material Plastic
    Color Black
    Side Panel CECC Steel Side panel with Transparent Window
    Body Material CECC Steel
    Net Weight 9.22kg
    5.25" drive bay (External) 5
    3.5" drive bay (External) 0
    3.5" drive bay (Internal) 4
    Expansion Slot 8
    Motherboard ATX / M-ATX
    System Fan (Front) 140mm Fan x 1 (1000RPM)
    System Fan (Top)
    System Fan (Rear) 120mm Fan x 1 (1500RPM)
    I/O Ports USB2.0 x 2 / HD+AC97 Audio

    About Lian Li: LanCool

    "Better idea, innovation for better life experience"

    LanCool was founded with the target of providing products with better thermal solutions, more style, and more user friendliness. To provide the best IT products, LanCool headquarters are located in Taiwan, to provide high quality products and service. Our products were designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

    Our Business Philosophy:


    Quality: Quality is the most key element of our product, we have put a lot of effect into detail, to make sure our product is finished in high quality standard.

    Innovation: LanCool's ID and R&D teams spent a lot of time to design and create new products with the latest technology, and use it in our product to ensure our product is up to date.

    Speed:Speed is LanCool's advantage. Our in-house ID and R&D team, and professional factories, can turn concept into reality in very short time.

    Service: Customer satisfaction is very important to us. To achieve that, LanCool will respond customer's request within one working day, and provide solution no more than three working days.

    Future Prospects

    Our goal is to provide complete product lines as total service, from cases to power supplies, keyboards to mice. To satisfy our clients, we will continue to devote resources to developing more advanced technologies, retaining a spirit of innovation. It will also continue to refine its operations, enhancing efficiency and making the company even more responsive to customer needs and market changes as they arise, efficient, and providing even better service to customers.
    LanCool will put all it's efforts to retain its promise to customers to be their best partner.



    # Bad reviewMeh 2011-04-01 17:46
    Bad review.

    1.) Doesnt mention anything about the case ability to install internally (this is what in right now. Its not the 90s)
    2.) Doesnt mention any in depth on cable management. (yeah. Its been 4 years now since this is the hottest thing. Going ninja on cables)
    3.) You didnt do any final installation looks. You know.. having real world components inside.
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    # RE: Bad reviewOlin Coles 2011-04-01 23:31
    Bad comment. It's nice of you to at least follow your criticism with some degree of detail, but sadly, I couldn't make out what you meant with #1. You didn't describe what kind of 'depth' you expected with regards to cable management in #2. As for #3, you need to keep in mind that one size does not fit all and everyone uses different hardware.
    Report Comment
    # Bad reviewMeh 2011-04-02 14:49
    #1 Doesnt mention anything about the case ability to install a radiator internally

    Do understand, I bear no grudge to the reviewer or whatsoever. Just in the perspective of a consumer, I find it infuriating why they do not include that detail in there. External rads are so 90s and early 2000. Fitting a rad internally with tidy plumbing is what is 'in' right now.

    #2 in depth detail. am I able to fit cables behind mobo tray? If so, a demo of it would be nice.

    In anycase, I wouldnt take my hopes up that much since this is far from a real enthusiast site.
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    # phenomenal productrenosablast 2011-05-25 10:33
    Just finished a build of a upper-tier-performace PC using this case; and let me tell you this case was a dream to work with. EVERYTHING lined up exactly as it was supposed to; components mounted easily and efficiently. Internal harddrive cage was easily removable to facilitate upgrading the lower front fan. Easy to mount fans in top. Cable management was a breeze with ample space behind MOBO mounting panel for routing/hiding/dressing cables. Great to be able to remove both sides, front, and top to give plenty of access for component mounting and wiring. Power supply mounting gives room for airflow underneath, and rubber pads to absorb noise and vibration. With five fans running at 100% speed, and two WD 1TB HDD's, this thing is amazingly quiet.

    Guess which case I will be buying for the next build!!
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