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Written by Bruce Normann   
Thursday, 14 January 2010
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ATI Radeon HD5670 HDMI Video Card
Radeon HD5670 Features
Radeon HD5670 Specifications
Closer Look: Radeon HD 5670
Radeon HD5670 Detailed Features
ATI Eyefinity Multi-Monitors
Video Card Testing Methodology
3DMark Vantage Benchmarks
Crysis Benchmark Results
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark
Far Cry 2 Benchmarks
Resident Evil 5 Benchmarks
ATI Radeon HD5670 Temperature
VGA Power Consumption
Radeon HD5670 Final Thoughts
ATI Radeon HD5670 Conclusion

ATI Radeon HD5670 Conclusion

The performance of the HD5670 is pretty amazing, considering the modest looking hardware and low cost. One way of showing this objectively is to look at the power required to deliver the performance. The HD5670 offers slightly less same performance as an HD4830 for less than half the power, and that's at full load, without all the power saving tricks that are used to get the idle power to 14 watts. It's 10 degrees cooler, too, at both idle and full load, with a tiny, single-slot cooler. Performance is more than just frames-per-second, though; the ability to run 2-3 monitors with Full ATI EyeFinity Support counts, too. Plus, we've been measuring performance with Beta drivers. So, while the raw performance numbers are good enough for the target price point today, I predict even better things to come for both price and performance.


The appearance of the product itself is both small and substantial. The cooler housing is pretty simple for the most part; the design is clean and offers a perfect canvas for the partners to display their best artwork. There are definitely some non-reference designs in the works, but the usual motivation for that effort is usually improving the thermal performance. I don't see that as a real necessity with this card/chip combo. The reference design has plenty of cooling capacity for the tiny Redwood GPU.

The build quality of the Radeon 5670 was good, for an engineering sample. The parts were all high quality, and while the PC board may have had a few rough edges, the cooler section was manufactured and assembled perfectly.

The features of the HD5670 have been carried over in full measure from the HD5800 series: DirectX 11, Full ATI Eyefinity Support, ATI Stream Technology Support, DirectCompute 11 and OpenCL Support, HDMI 1.3a with Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. Nothing was left out on this card, despite it being produced for a price point well below its kin. We've barely scratched the surface of the features in this review, but clearly the card will thrive in a multi-functional role, as well as provide a solid entry-level gaming experience.

ATI is aiming at a price point of $99 for the HD5670 with 512MB of GDDR5 RAM. The Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 sells for $90, while the PowerColor AX5670 lists for $95 and XFX for $100. A quick look at Newegg shows this to be the target price for most GT240 cards, with GDDR5 memory. ATI priced this card right at the GT240, knowing that it had an advantage, performance-wise. In addition, it has advanced features that the other cards can't match. I expect pricing to be more dynamic in this sector, as the competition is fierce for this, the largest share of the consumer pie.

The ATI Radeon HD5670 earns a Golden Tachometer Award, because it's the card many people kept wishing for. The mainstream consumer wanted something powerful, easy to install, and cheap. ATI hit all three targets with a low power solution that answers the eternal question: "Can I use this video card with my XYZ OEM power supply?" For every mainstream user you know, who wants a cheap, easy upgrade, and maybe a dual-monitor setup, too...the ATI Radeon HD5670 fits the bill.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award

+ Unmatched feature set
+ Extremely low power consumption
+ 620 GigaFLOPS for $99 (at launch)
+ HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces
+ Cool, quiet operation
+ Sleek, modern looks
+ Low heat generation inside the case


- Small, simple hardware design won't impress others
- Price structure seems a little high (launch pricing...)


  • Performance: 9.50
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 9.25
  • Functionality: 9.75
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 9.3 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

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# awesome card!Awesome man 2010-03-04 11:25
Best card i have ever used!
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# which company's 5670 did you buy?Don 2010-03-24 07:00
Which company's 5670 did you buy Aus or XFX?
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# HIS 5670Bill 2010-04-05 11:32
I bought a HIS 5670 early march. It gave me horrifying crashes during playing games. I played BF2:BC2 and Dirt 2, both at 1680x1050 with high settings.

Although the games played well, the crashes couldn't be tolerated and so I returned the card. I am thinking of buying it again as the new drivers seem to fix the problem as I read on many forums.

If the new 10.3 drivers did in fact fix the problems, please confirm someone with this experience.

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# HD5670Ian Ray Betron 2010-05-01 03:40
Yep, ATI Catalyst 10.4 stabilized everything (on my XFX 5670). Very nice card for its class.
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# Price/=/performanceBanzai 2010-05-19 07:07
Overall it's a great card for people on a tight budget, smaller cases such as prebuilts and slim builds, and those who have a psu under 300-400w or can't connect via pci-e. This card is a great substitution for those who originally wanted a 4650/70, or even a 9800/4850 as it competes with them. Price wise, you get the performance of a 4850 card without the need for a 6-pin, a med size case, or an extremely powerful cpu (anything less than a dual core at 2.4GHz will bottleneck it). The main gains over a 4850, is that you get a dx11 card for nearly 20$ less, supports eyefinity(although it costs to make this card use three screens) and has DDR5. So if you wanted a 4850/lesser or a 9800gt/lesser than this card is the better option.
Sadly Radeon has been upping their prices, although their still lower than Nvidia cards. Although you get a 10fps performance over a 4670, the near 20-30$ increase on a card that costs lesser to manufacture and produce isn't worth it.
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# My HD 5760 is too hotLittleBear 2010-06-22 20:06
The idle temp. is at 59oC. Do you think something is wrong with the card?
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# I.T pro.Joe 2010-07-13 00:38
update the software of the 5760...
Report Comment
# Which SW?BruceBruce 2010-07-13 05:03
Do you mean the BIOS on the card or the Driver SW?
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# hit tab to see score then crashes to desktopPall 2010-07-17 22:14
238fb22844c3fe1cfcrashea.dice.RomePC.Cl2010-07-16 07:16:08553292 0x61D866 0x61D866 0xCD3A6B 0xCDA77D 0xCEDE9E 0xCEE518 0xCD43D0 0xD8C0EF 0xCD8EC0 0x13F3758 0x9089AE 0x62B8E2 0x7635166B 0x800000 0x6B3B2A49 0x6B3B90E8 0x6B3D8C16 0x6B3C0ED5 0x6D0B26FB 0x6CBE62C1 0x6CBE87E0 0xD908C1 0x508FA7 0xA6D50C 0x7635166B 0x7635166B 0x62BEB9 0x595F3B 0x76351126 0x596149 0x75980849 0x591B4E 0x591B4E 0x153BD80 0x5992A6 0x153BDA4 0xAAF058 0x14B6808 0x71F929BB 0x153BD80 0x71F98CED 0x71F92A47 0x76353677 0x76EC9D42 0x76379775 0x76379775 0x76F003DD 0x72A84B 0x76EC9D15 0x71F929E1 0x71F929E1registers: Edi 52057c10, Esi 00000000, Ebx 191019f0, Edx 00000000, Ecx 0d30b700, Eax 20f604d3 Ebp 0e92fa50, Eip 0061d866, Esp 0e92fa40
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# RE: hit tab to see score then crashes to desktopOlin Coles 2010-07-17 22:16
Is that supposed to be a crash report? Not very helpful information, and probably a game/driver bug.
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# same as abovePall 2010-07-17 22:15
I have updated my driver to 10.6 and have not found a solution
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# RE: same as aboveOlin Coles 2010-07-17 22:19
Did this start before or after the driver update? I've had many problems with 10.6, and a few issues with 10.5. I'm actually still using 10.4 for gaming.
What game is this? Is it via Steam?
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