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Written by David Ramsey   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
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GIGABYTE GeForce GT-240 HDMI Video Card
GIGABYTE GeForce GT240 Features
GIGABYTE GeForce GT240 Closer Look
GV-N240D5-512I Detailed Features
Video Card Testing Methodology
3DMark Vantage GPU Tests
Crysis Warhead Tests
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark
Far Cry 2 Benchmark
Resident Evil 5 Tests
GIGABYTE GeForce GT240 Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
GeForce GT240 Final Thoughts
GIGABYTE GV-N240D5-512I Conclusion

GIGABYTE GeForce GT240 Closer Look

The GIGABYTE GV-N240D5-512I is a compact card with a teal-colored PCB and a rather large 80mm heat sink/fan assembly. The video card is 7" long, so it will fit any case with the room to accommodate a full-height PCI-E card- as long as there's enough room next to it. Despite its small size, the GV-N240D5-512I's large aluminum heat sink and its attached fan make it a double-slot card.


A single-slot fan would probably have kept the GPU well within its thermal envelope. Most 9600/9800 cards got by with a single-slot cooler, and used substantially more power: according to NVIDIA's specifications, the 9600GSO GPU can draw a maximum of 105 watts, much more than the 69 watt maximum of the GT240. I can understand GIGABYTE wanting to keep costs down on a card like this, but if it's going to occupy two slots, I'd prefer a cooler that exhausted warm air outside the case. However, the large fan and heatsink mean that the fan can turn relatively slowly, making this a very quiet card.


At the rear of the card we see the analog VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectors. This card does not require a separate cable for HDMI audio.


The HDMI connector's pins and grounding shell are gold-plated. The gold-plated HDMI connector is pretty, and will, as GIGABYTE assures us on the box, "support full HD resolution 1920x1080". Of course a standard, non-gold-plated connector would as well.


On the back of the card we see the mounting holes for the spring-loaded screws securing the heatsink. I've always preferred screws to pushpins even for small just seems more secure.

The GIGABYTE GT240 doesn't require any supplemental power; it gets everything it needs from the PCI-E slot, so there's no separate power connector. it's disappointing, though, that there's no SLI connector, NVIDIA having decreed that cards based on the GT240 GPU will not be SLI-capable. Since this feature is disabled by burning fusible links in the GPU core, there's no way for some maverick vendor to produce an SLI-capable version.


At this price point, you're not going to get free games or a CD holder in the box; aside from the card, there's only a multi-language manual and a driver/utilities CD. Utilities included on the driver CD are HUD Lite, a utility that allows the user to adjust the clocks for the GPU, shaders, and memory, as well as dynamically switch the card to "2D mode" (presumably a low-power underclocked mode) when not gaming; and the Yahoo! tool bar.

Join me in the next section as I take a detailed look at the hardware on this card.



# Now I'm really confused!Ian D. Samson 2010-06-20 08:27
With the HDMI/VGA/DVI ports on the card, does it contain a TV Tuner that will enable the viewing of television signals on the PC monitor? I have an HDMI cable from the decoder to the PC but so far have not been able to use it. There's a 9600GT card in the PC (8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Vista Ultimate 64-bit) because I want to do VHS to HD-DVD video editing. I am less than a novice at this, though, while I have 30+ years experience in the PC industry. Thanks.
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# RE: Now I'm really confused!Olin Coles 2010-06-20 08:30
Video cards do not come with TV tuners, as there is a separate market for this product. The HDMI/VGA/DVI ports simply allow the user to connect the computer to a HDTV, HD-monitor, or digital/analog monitor.
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# RE: RE: Now I'm really confused!Ian D. Samson 2010-06-20 08:50
Oh, so I need a separate TV Tuner (presumably PCI-E) in another slot in the main board? Then the 9600GT in the machine already is sufficient?
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# RE: RE: RE: Now I'm really confused!Olin Coles 2010-06-20 17:18
That is correct, either a PCI or PCI-E digital tuner card would be ideal, and the 9600GT you have can help output the video.
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# Gigabyte- GT 240 1 gb display issueThomas Moss 2010-08-20 19:31
Running system into a vivo full ht lcd tv 32inch.. Get a max res 1360 x 768) Can go more using Nvida control panel... max 1838 x 1002.. on both dvi and hdmi... when computer is connenct with vga it scales screen to fit 1920 x 1080.....(recommended display

Hdmi cable 1.3 version
Adapter - dvi to vga

The card HD of Full Defenion.
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