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Written by Hank Tolman - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 31 December 2009
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Lian-Li LanCool Dragon Lord PC-K56W-B Case
Closer Look: LanCool Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: PC-K56W Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Detailed Exterior Features

At the bottom of the PC-K56W, under the front panel, there is a 120mm fan. The entire front panel is vented just like the optical drive bay panels, allowing for an even, uninterrupted look all across the front of the case. The PC-K56W may not be the flashy case to look at, but it definitely has a certain appeal. The plain look of the front of the PC-K56W makes it quite unimposing. I think LanCool made a good choice when they opted away from the alien-like front door over the panel, and even by choosing to avoid any flashy lights or designs on the front panel.


There are no 3.5" external drive bays on the PC-K56W. This is becoming a new trend with computer cases, and especially with gaming and enthusiast cases. In reality, a 3.5" drive bay is pretty useless. Floppy drives are out, USB drives are in. Even the few items that do come fit for a 3.5" external drive bay, such as card readers, are very often supplied with a 5.25" conversion kit. I am happy to see the 3.5" bays disappear, making room for more cooling and much better looking case designs.


To supplement that better cooling, LanCool has fitted each of the 5.25" external drive bays on the PC-K56W with a perforated plastic cover with an air filter. Behind the cover and filter, each drive bay is made of slotted metal to allow air to freely enter the case and cool the components. The filters help keep out the dust and debris.


Just under the rear fan, LanCool has added a very thoughtful feature to the PC-K56W; a pair of water cooler tube ports. The two holes are covered by rubber washers that will protect the tubes from the sharp metal of the case. Water cooling is rapidly becoming a more viable solution to the matter of keeping your system cool, and a lot of cases are offering water cooling expansion options such as the ones found here on the PC-K56W. The one thing missing is a place to mount the water cooling radiator. You will have to figure that one out on your own.


The expansion slots on the back of the PC-K56W are all meshed with perforations, adding to the air flow of the case. Due to the lack of a side panel fan, this extra exhaust is really a must. Cooling the components inside the PC-K56W shouldn't be an issue, and I have not experienced any problems in that area as yet, but with only two fans, and no side panel exhaust, I must admit that I am a bit worried.


From the outside, the PC-K56W is quite a sight, exemplifying the effort that LanCool has put into making high quality products. The tool-free design shines through, as I didn't have to touch my tool kit even once when dealing with the outside of the case. I was quite impressed by the thought that was put into cooling the PC-K56W; however, I was disappointed that there were only two locations on which to fit fans. Follow me now as we take a look inside.


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