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Written by Dan Ferguson   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
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Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Laptop Cooler
NotePal X2 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

NotePal X2 Detailed Features

All the controls are drawn into the back right corner. For my small memory I'm glad that they put the RPM adjustment knob on the side rather than smashing it in the back with the rest of the controls.

Cooler-Master NotePal X2

I found that the fan was quiet enough on high that I never used the RPM dial. I suppose if you use the laptop in a super-quiet library study that you may use the RPM knob. There are also two USB ports, of which one is used to power the cooler.

Cooler-Master NotePal X2

The requisite USB cable is provided to power the NotePal X2. The cable was good quality and adequate length.

Cooler-Master NotePal X2

Similar to a keyboard the X2 has two plastic feet in the back that flip out to change the working angle of the cooler. I find this absolutely necessary on a keyboard, and occasionally helpful when using the notebook cooler. This cooler has the best traction of any of the coolers I tested. The large rubber feet provided excellent traction. I often avoided using the angle adjustment feet because they do not provide the same traction as the rubber feet.

Cooler-Master NotePal X2

The NotePal X2 uses a 140mm fan which is an upgrade from the 120mm fan used in the NotePal X1. This fan has 11 curved blades providing large volumes of quiet air flow.

Cooler-Master NotePal X2

The LED lighting was more subdued than other notebook coolers, but the effect was much more apparent even in good lighting.



# 17" laptopCatalin 2011-08-27 11:22
Can it be used for a laptop with a 17 inch diagonal? I know people that have used it because the rubber feet of the laptop come perfectly around it's edges. But I am afraid that if there will be no space between the pad and the laptop the airflow will be obstructed and there will be no visible changes.

I need it because I got a new laptop (Dell Inspiron N7110) and the i7 second gen processor is having serious heat issues. In any test it's reaching about 90 degrees Celsius in full load. And it is to much. And my budget could support this cooling pad.

I could sure use some input.


Catalin H
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# NoSwapnil 2012-06-04 04:40
No it is not suitable for 17 inch laptops it is meant for upto 15.6 inch
you can consider u3 model from cooler master for your lappy , it is good
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# RE: NoBob 2013-02-04 19:39
The dimensions are 14.76 inches by 11.42 inches it supports up to a total computer diagonal length of 18.48 inches. Most 17 inch laptops are about 19 inches total diagonal, so it fits if the pads on the bottom of your laptop are in a centimetre from the edge.
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