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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 12 June 2007
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Hiper HCK-1K18A-US Black "Darkness" Alloy USB Keyboard
Features and Specifications
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Hiper HCK-1K18A-US Keyboard

Keyboards often seem to be either the very first, or the very last, personal equipment upgrade for computer enthusiasts. They are almost completely ignored when consumers purchase their equipment. This is really a shame, since it usually doesn't take long for the complaints to begin; or the original equipment begins to fail. Benchmark Reviews see's the reason for this growing market which fights for your desktop space, and examines the Hiper HCK-1K18A-US Black Alloy USB Keyboard.

Very few computer users can say that they don't have a personal preference when it comes to peripheral equipment. No matter what the circumstance, every person who has ever sat behind a computer decides within a few seconds if they either like or dislike the equipment in front of them. Sometimes it takes little more then placing your hand over the mouse to discover if it will become friend or foe.

Hiper HCK-1K18A-US Black Alloy USB Keyboard

Consider just over four years ago at the end of the beige box era, most peripheral equipment was color matched to the vanilla ensemble surrounding it. It was a pathetic situation that was slowly trying to make itself better in no hurry. You really had no more than two color choices, both of them plastic, and wireless peripherals were still a mess to work with. Then without warning, the market turned away from IBM-clone beige boxes and into the custom painted, cooled, and LED-lit products we computer enthusiasts take for granted today.

Most experts would agree that at the very top of the personal equipment list there are three peripheral devices: the mouse, keyboard, and the display. I work on several computers every day in various environments, and I make my own snap judgments which relegate the clients hardware to my mental trash bin. Thankfully there is a booming market fighting for your desk space. Even the most discerning individual can find a comfortable match to his or her preferences; which is saying a lot.

Hiper HCK-1K18A-US Black Alloy USB Keyboard

About the company: High Performance GroupHiper_Logo_300px.png

High Performance Group was founded with the passion of providing the computer users & customers the best innovative products & services. The company's untraditional approach from its patented design to its business conducts gains itself partnership with many respectable firms including AMD. Always committed to excellence, High Performance Group strives to be the best in every aspect.

Hiper Business Philosophy (V.I.P.)

People are the core of any business. Our name "High Performance Group" not only implies to its product, but also to its people. Our company is filled with vigorous officers & staff; "whatever it takes" is our spirit, our belief, as well as our habit.

Hiper (trademarked) represents our corporate identity in the ultimate form. This symbol represents true innovation. Hiper product line is always imitated, but can never be duplicated. Our entire ID, mechanical, electrical, electronics, visual effect & web designer teams are truly elites in the industry because their passion of embracing technology & changes is noticeable with the first contact. It captures even the most ordinary person's attention with details everyone appreciates.

High Performance Group means proactive way of business. Our solid & honest policy in business put everyone at peace, and then we police and enforce it. We make sure that our business partners (you are included) are well protected. Many who joined us has become us, and we are sure that you'll become one of us once you join us.


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