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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 09 October 2009
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Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 Q3-2009
Thermally Conductive Element Reference
Cogage TRUE Spirit
CoolAge CA-X120TF Wind Tunnel
Corsair H50 CWCH50
Scythe Kabuto SCKBT-1000
Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG-2000
Tuniq Tower-120 Extreme
ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 PWM Premium
Cooler Surface Preparations
Cooler Test Methodology
Test Results: Stock Cooling Fan
Test Results: High-Output Fan
Enthusiast Fan Comparison
CPU Cooler Final Thoughts
Best CPU Cooler Conclusion

CoolAge CA-X120TF Wind Tunnel

CoolAge is a lesser-know name to North American markets, but that shouldn't mean that their products don't deserve the utmost attention. Taking one look at the X120TF 'Wind Tunnel' cooler, and you'll notice some of the traits that make CPU coolers great. A very dense weave of aluminum fins create the most complete heatsink we've seen a long time, only made better by six offset and staggered heat-pipe rods bent into the traditional 'U' tower design. CoolAge nicknames the CA-X120TF model 'Wind Tunnel' for the crimped fin plates which create a larger surface area using honeycombs for air to pass through.

The X120TF kit came with more than enough enthusiast hardware to convince us that CoolAge knows what they're doing. A high-pressure bolt-through mounting kit comes stock with the CoolAge X120TF, along with a large syringe of CA-TC3 Nano thermal paste. While the CA-X120TF kit doesn't include a cooling fan, CoolAge was kind enough to include their CA-120SX2 cooling fan, which measures 120x120x38mm. For the record, Benchmark Reviews tests stock performance using the Scythe Kaze-Jyuni SY1225SL12SH for all coolers that lack their own included fan.


The CoolAge CA-X120TF features six heat-pipe rods configured in a traditional 'U' tower design. One particular stand-out feature is the staggered positioning of each rod, arranged so that all twelve heat-pipe ends receive fresh incoming air. A polished heatsink base receives all six heat-pipe rods, which are soldiered into the unit for maximum thermal conductivity. The bolt-through mounting system applies excellent pressure between contact surfaces, although access to the backside of the motherboard is required for installation. Benchmark Reviews will soon discover is this cooler from the CoolAge Frozen Orb series performs as well as it looks.


CoolAge CA-X120TF Specifications

  • Product Name: Frozen Orb X120 Transform
  • Model Number: CA-X120TF
  • Dimensions: 126(W) x 63(D) x 150(H) mm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Heatsink Base Material: Copper
  • Heatsink Fin Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Heat-pipes: six 6mm copper rods


About Hilo Company, Ltd

CoolAge is a division of Hilo Company, Ltd. CoolAge is a Seoul, Korea based brand name that focuses on enthusiast computer hardware. CoolAge operates with a focus on the overclocker cooling market and aftermarket cooling systems. For more information, visit the CoolAge website at



# March 11th cooler article?Hugo Martinez 2010-03-11 22:26
Where I am, it's March 12th. I've been looking forward to your March 11th "Q1-2010 Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366" article that was scheduled for March 11th. Is it already up but I'm too blind to find it? Or are you running late?

I need to buy a cooler but I promised myself to wait until I read the report.

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# Worth the waitOlin Coles 2010-03-12 07:39
Hello Mr. Martinez:

This article has grown much larger than first planned, and is expected to be published later this afternoon (3/12). It's worth the wait! :)
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# Hope it is worth the waitRaul Tano 2010-03-12 15:40
I'm in the same boat as Mr. Martinez. I eagerly await the article.
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# DiamondsJava_Az 2010-05-24 10:43
although Diamond is a polymorph of the element carbon.Diamond conducts heat better than anything - five times better than the second best element, Silver! I wonder what a diamond heatsink would set you back
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# MikeMichael 2010-09-26 09:34
Diamond only conducts heat in such a manner when it's aligned properly - therefore, you must grow a diamond, or fashion a diamond into a heatsink - you cannot combine diamonds as they would not match in alignment on the molecular level. This means you would need to start with a massive diamond.
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# wrong specificationjason 2010-08-10 13:19
Editors, can you correct the weight in the above specifications?
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# RE: wrong specificationOlin Coles 2010-08-10 13:20
Be more specific, and list your source.
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# RE: wrong specificationsjason 2010-08-12 01:41

SCMG-2000 Specifications
Weight: 870 g
30.7 lb

It should be 30.7oz.
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# RE: wrong specificationsjason 2010-08-11 11:08
Sorry I was talking about the specifications of SCMG-2000.
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# Can Mugen 2 fit in ThermaltakeV3 BE or Cooler Master 430 elite?Deen 2011-02-26 12:52
Can Mugen 2 fit in ThermaltakeV3 BE or Cooler Master 430 elite?
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