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Written by Mathew Williams   
Wednesday, 09 September 2009
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Intel Core i7-870 Processor BX80605I7870
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Core i7-870
Testing and Results
Passmark PerformanceTest
PCMark05 Benchmark Suite
Crysis Gaming Tests
Devil May Cry 4 Gaming Tests
SPECperfview 10 CATIA
Performance Features and Overclocking
Power Consumption
Intel Lynnfield Final Thoughts
Core i7-870 Conclusion

Devil May Cry 4 Gaming Tests

Devil May Cry 4 is one of the newest additions to Benchmark Reviews' testing suite. Fortunately for us, Capcom recognized the community's interest in hardware testing and included a built in benchmarking tool with this game. In fact, it is even included it in the demo. The benchmarking tool runs through four different scene, all of which I highly recommend watching. However, for the purposes of our review, we only report the scores of the most challenging tests: scenes 2 and 4.

Similar to the Crysis gaming benchmarks, we will start testing DMC 4 at lower settings to reduce the impact of GPU limitations. From there, we'll slowly increase resolution and quality settings until we reach the limit of our HD 4850.


Similar to Crysis, scene two of Devil May Cry 4 places Core i7-870 in the lead in the low resolution test. However, as resolution and settings are increase, it actually falls behind the Phenom II X4 965 and the Intel Q9450. As I mentioned in the i5-750 review, though, we did run into a few software issues during benchmarking. At times, our Radeon HD 4850 would revert to PCIe 1.0 speeds when used with the Intel DP55KG motherboard.


In scene 4 of Devil May Cry 4, things look a little better for the Core i7-870. Once again it's at the front of the pack in the low resolution test, and essentially matches X4 965 and Q9450 in the higher resolutions as we approach the limit of our HD 4850.


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