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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009
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Cooler Master SNA 95 RP-095-D19A-A1
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Cooler Master SNA 95
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Cooler Master SNA 95

In all my years as a computer consultant and network administrator, I have only seen a few notebook power adapter fail. More often time the user destroys the AC power adapter through improper storage (cord crimping) or moisture (spills). Of course, my experience as a computer hardware reseller has also taught me that users also tend to lose their proprietary adapter on vacation, forget it at a Starbucks, or somehow misplace the component. Either way, the user is left with no choice but to replace the AC power adapter 'brick' with another.


Usually this doesn't take much effort, since manufacturers are well aware of consumer clumsiness, and offer plenty of after-market options. Cooler Master sees the opportunity to position their SNA 95 against direct-OEM replacements. The idea is made possible by offering a slim notebook adapter that costs less than most direct replacements and adds universal compatibility. This means that the RP-095-D19A-A1 could be the last replacement you need to buy (presuming you don't lose it).


The Cooler Master SNA 95 Universal Slim Notebook Adapter comes with eight different color-coded power tips (nine counting the native tip on the adapter). Each color corresponds to a specific plug diameter, allowing the RP-095-D19A-A1 kit to fit a wide range of notebook computer systems. Among the list of compatible manufacturers are: Acer, ASUS, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. Some tips fit multiple manufacturer laptops, so don't think that you're limited by these choices. Cooler Master offers a full listing by make and model here.


Measuring 5.7" long, by 2.9" wide, by 0.7" tall, the Cooler Master SNA 95 produces 95 watts (150W peak) of power; more than enough for any of the most popular notebook computers sold today. Along the side of the SNA 95 there is a 1.0 amp USB charging port. This is great for USB-based phones and media players, and also great for directly powering USB speaker systems for your laptop.


Cooler Master has included a cord-wrap clip on with their SNA 95 Universal Slim Notebook Adapter. While I have mixed opinions on this component, I am drawn to the vastly unused portion in the middle. With a little more design effort, all of the power tips could have been designed to fit into this area, instead of needing to be carried and maintained separately. Not only would this keep the RP-095-D19A-A1 kit true to its 'slim' name, but it would also make it complete.


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