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Written by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 13 August 2009
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nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wooden Media Center Case
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: nMediaPC HTPC 8000
Wood Media Center Case Features
HTPC 8000 Interior Features
HTPC Case Final Thoughts
nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Conclusion

Wood Media Center Case Features

In keeping with the antique radio theme, nMedia has added two screened inlets at each side of the HTPC-8000 case. Because there was so much room inside the enclosure, I was tempted to secure a midrange speaker and tweeter combo at each side to work as an additional center-channel.


The top panel of the nMediaPC HTPC 8000 wood Media Center Edition case secures with four large gold Phillips head screws, which load into metal counter-sunk collars in the enclosure. The lid is solid wood, and weighs enough that you don't necessarily need to bolt-up the HTPC 8000 if you frequently reach inside. Velcro or magnet strips glued/stapled to the inside would be just as good, and offer quick access to hardware.


While the HTPC 8000 doesn't offer pass-through holes for a water cooling system, it would only take a few minutes with a drill to custom-fit the case with the proper tube holes. Alternatively, a liquid-cooling radiator could be mounted behind the 140mm cooling fan.


nMedia Systems offers an optional programmable LCD module for MCE Operating Systems. The unit Benchmark Reviews received didn't come with this feature, so we can't verify compatibility.


Proving that the HTPC 8000 is made from real wood, the underside of the bottom panel remains unfinished except for four felt pads. The four holes in the center were most likely used to secure the unit during construction and fabrication.

In the next section, Benchmark Reviews opens up the HTPC 8000 and inspects the internal layout of this MCE case...



# Wow.Martin van Buren 2010-04-04 11:59
Most pretentious piece of hardware EVER.
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# RE: nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wooden Media Center CaseBest HTPC 2011-01-05 08:07
This is an amazing piece of hardware. Your comment is pretentious, and lends nothing to the discussion.
Good things:
1) Air Flow / Cooling - Amazing for what it is, high-end components with NOT overheat. Comes with a 140mm fan, you can also add 2x 92mm fans
2) Noise - Wooden case, plus lots of silicone/rubber gromments that come with it
3) Full ATX - allows for FULL ATX MB/Power Supply
4) Room - Roomy enough for all full-sized graphics cards
5) Price - easily competes with other HTPC cases. You can find this for under $100.
6) It's not PVC/Plywood. It's REAL FREAKIN WOOD.
7) It has STEEL. Not cheap aluminum.

1) DVD drive alignment - Easily fixed with a 1/8" shim
2) DVD faceplate says DVD instead of Bluray
3) Power Knob doesn't act as a dual-purpose power/volume knob. Could be accomplished via USB volume controls. Sad that it's not.

If you are looking for a "retro" case for HTPC, this is your ready-made guy. You can build one yourself, but for it's price, just buy this one unless you have specific custom applications and hardware.
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# Very CoolJeff DeWitt 2011-05-14 21:03
Considering all the crazy, expensive cases out there, some of which look like they fell off a UFO this is a refreshing change.

First time I read about this case I knew it's just what I needed for my new HTPC. The case should be here next week and I'm looking forward to building my new PC!
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