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Written by Hank Tolman - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
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Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTV
HDTV Features and Specifications
Olevia 27-inch LCD HDTV Closer Look
Olevia 27-inch HDTV Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Olevia 227V Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Olevia HDTV Final Thoughts

Overall, this TV performed well above my expectations. I simply can't imagine getting a better value out of $400. The picture quality was exquisite, the size and weight fit my needs perfectly, and even the sound turned out to be better than I thought. I was hard-pressed to find some drawbacks, but there are a few. However, they in no way diminish the value of this set. Bottom line - I would recommend this set to anyone looking for great quality with a very affordable price tag.


Olevia 227-S11 HDTV Conclusion

Olevia certainly put together a great product in the 227V HDTV. The features that they promise come through as truth in almost every instance. For a first time HDTV buyer, or an experienced pro, this TV presents itself as a must-have piece of equipment; and its performance doesn't disappoint.

The TV's sleek, no-frills design makes it a wonderful addition to any room in the house. It is lightweight and comfortable, even with the extra couple of inches added on to the sides with the vertically mounted speakers. The only drawback to its modern appearance is the blindingly bright blue LED on the power button when the TV is on standby.

This 27-inch TV is very well built. It is sturdy in spite of its light weight. In a recent move, the TV performed spectacularly when faced with the imposing threat of uncaring movers. When unpacking the truck, I found the TV under a mountain of other boxes, but thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly, it was unharmed. In fact, the only part of the construction and build of this set that I can complain about is really not part of the TV at all. The remote control left a lot to be desired, as it gave out after only a few months of use.

The 227V is functionally pleasing as well. It even comes with an HDMI input. This is very surprising for a 27-inch TV. I was able to plug everything I wanted to use into it very easily, and everything worked great. I would have liked to see an secondary A/V input somewhere on the set. I would have been pretty frustrated switching back and forth between the Wii and DVD player if I hadn't found a set of composite video cables. The menu system confused and annoyed me. It's not something I am looking forward to revisiting. But, overall, the picture quality shoves aside any doubt as to the overall functionality of the TV.

In terms of value, this TV really has no rival. The picture quality alone would make it well worth the price. Add to that the above average sound quality, its energy star rating, the built in HDTV tuner, the ability to go up to 1080i resolution, it's easy wall mount capabilities, and an HDMI port and you really have no competition. This TV is the true definition of Value. You can pick one up at a variety of different websites or retail stores from between $429.00 and $489.00.

If you are new to the HDTV experience this is a wonderful TV to get started with. If you already have an HDTV, this a great set to complement another room in the house. I always thought that High Definition TV couldn't be that much better than standard definition. And I certainly thought it wasn't worth the price. This TV proved me wrong on both counts.



+ Stunning picture quality, both in Standard and High definition
+ Affordability; HDTV isn't just for the Jones's
+ 178 degree horizontal viewing angles
+ HDMI port
+ Better than expected sound quality
+ Built in ATSC HDTV Tuner
+ Sturdy and Reliable
+ Did I mention picture quality?!?


- Power Button Standby LED is way too bright
- No Remote Codes for Universal Remote Controls - Poor Vertical viewing angles
- No hard-copy manual - Only one A/V input


• Presentation: 8.75
• Appearance: 8.50
• Construction: 9.00
• Functionality: 8.00
• Value: 9.50

Final Score: 8.75 out of 10.

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# ConsumerSam 2010-03-03 20:27
The Sony RM-VL 610 remote for $29.99 works perfect as a replacement remote control.
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# A CODEJonnie 2010-03-04 09:39
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# ownerdave 2010-07-06 11:50
does this come for code for jensen and olevia
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# RE: Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTVAndrew 2011-02-16 05:52
When I was in the market for a new LCD TV I shopped around quite a bit. I sifted through reviews, poured through specs and agonized over every detail trying to get the most TV I could for my budget. As a DISH Network customer and employee I really wanted a flat-screen that could really give me that vivid picture quality that having the most HD channels in the industry deserves. When I came across the Olevia brand I was skeptical at first (being a name I hadn?t previously known about at all). But the reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the price was actually under my upper limit. So off to the store I went to see its screen with my own eyes?it did not disappoint. Once I got it home and hooked it up to my 622 receiver and started watching my DISH Network programming through it looked even better than it did in the store! Now 3 years later it has never failed to perform, I haven?t had a single problem with it. The Olevia HD TV was a great purchase for me.
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# standDave 2011-06-24 06:39
is there any body that has a stand for this tv as i did not get one as it was wall mount in our trailer is so please let me know thanks in advance. Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTV Dave
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