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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 23 March 2009
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Palit GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216SP
Palit NE3X262SFT394-PM8026 Specifications
GTX 260216 Sonic Features
GTX 260 Sonic First Look
Palit Sonic 216SP Details
Video Card Testing Methodology
3DMark06 Benchmarks
COD 4 Fraps Benchmarks
Crysis Benchmark Results
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark
Far Cry 2 Benchmark
World in Conflict Benchmarks
Sonic 216SP Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
GT200 GPU Final Thoughts
NE3X262SFT394 Conclusion

GTX 260216 Sonic Features

Engineered for world class gaming performance, the Palit GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216SP offers top-performance graphics processing power for gaming and beyond. Users can experience top new games such as Far Cry 2, Mirror's Edge, and Call of Duty 5: World at War at extreme HD resolutions and high image quality. Three GeForce GTX 260216 graphics cards can be combined in a 3-way SLI configuration for the ultimate gaming experience, or two can be joined for standard SLI.

Of course the GTX 260216 doesn't just deliver great 3D graphics, it also includes NVIDIA CUDA technology built-in to deliver "Graphics Plus" capabilities such as:

  • GPU-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX gaming effects (Mirror's Edge, Cyrostasis, UT3, GRAW2, Warmonger, and many more coming soon)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision stereoscopic 3D gaming
  • High-speed CUDA-enabled HD video transcoding and/or filtering (Elemental Badaboom, CyberLink PowerDirector, Arcsoft Total Media Theater, TMPGenc xPress, MotionDSP Carmel)
  • Lightning-fast and smooth image processing (Adobe CS4)
  • Distributed Computing ([email protected], [email protected], BOINC Platform, GPUGrid, [email protected])

The GeForce GTX 260216 supports PhysX technology, which is powering the next generation of games such as Mirror's Edge and Cryostasis. PhysX technology provides an enormous boost to both performance and realism. With NVIDIA's Forceware series drivers, two GeForce GTX 260216 boards can operate in SLI mode or dedicate one GPUs to PhysX and the other to graphics. Users may also choose to use an older GeForce 8-series and above board as the dedicated PhysX card, while using the GeForce GTX 260216 as the main graphics board.

Backed by NVIDIA's Lumenex Engine, the GeForce GTX 260216 Features delivers true 128-bit floating point high dynamic range (referred to as HDR), lighting capabilities with up to 16x full-screen anti-aliasing. Second-generation NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology with HDCP compliance delivers the ultimate high-definition video viewing experience to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260216 video card.

With hardware decoding for Blu-ray and HD DVD formats, PureVideo HD technology lowers CPU utilization when watching high-definition video formats by decoding the entire video stream in the graphics processor, freeing up the processor for other tasks. In addition to low CPU utilization, PureVideo HD enhances standard definition video content with de-interlacing and other post-processing algorithms to ensure standard DVD movies look their best on the PC screen and high-definition television sets. High definition content protection, or HDCP, technology ensures a secure connection between the GTX 260216 graphics card and an HDCP capable monitor for viewing protected content such as high-definition Blu-ray or HD DVD movies.

Coupled with PureVideo HD technology, the GeForce GTX 260216 deliver the ultimate multimedia experience. HDMI technology allows users to connect PCs to high-definition television sets with a single cable, delivering high-definition surround sound audio and video with resolutions up to 1080p. PureVideo HD technology scales video in the highest quality up to resolutions of 2560x1600 - from standard and high-definition file formats - while preserving the details of the original content. PureVideo HD technology also accelerates high-definition video decode, freeing up CPU cycles while watching high-definition Blu-ray and HD DVD movies or other VC-1 and H.264 encoded file formats.

NVIDIA Unified Architecturepurevideo.jpg

  • Unified shader architecture
  • GigaThreadTM technology
  • Full support for Microsoft DirectX 10
  • Geometry shaders
  • Geometry instancing
  • Streamed output
  • Shader Model 4.0
  • Full 128-bit floating point precision through the entire rendering pipeline

NVIDIA Lumenex Enginepurevideo_hd_logos.jpg

  • 16x full screen anti-aliasing
  • Transparent multisampling and transparent supersampling
  • 16x angle independent anisotropic filtering
  • 128-bit floating point high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting with anti-aliasing
  • 32-bit per component floating point texture filtering and blending
  • Advanced lossless compression algorithms for color, texture, and z-data
  • Support for normal map compression
  • Z-cull
  • Early-Z

NVIDIA Quantum Effects Technology

  • Advanced shader processors architecture for physics computation
  • Simulate and render physics effects on the graphics processor

NVIDIA Triple-SLI Technology

  • Patented hardware and software technology allows three GeForce-based graphics cards to run in parallel to scale performance and enhance image quality on today's top titles.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology

Along with world-class video acceleration, PureVideo HD has been at the forefront of advanced video post-processing. With the Forceware series driver, we are introducing new features for PureVideo HD for GeForce GTX 200-based products. These new features, Dynamic Contrast Enhancement and Dynamic Blue, Green, and Skin Tone Enhancements, are extremely computationally intensive and not found on even the most high-end Blu-ray or HD DVD players. But by tapping into the enormous pool of computational power offered by our processor cores, we can now enable post-processing techniques that have yet to be realized in fixed-function video processors.with_purevideo.jpg

  • Dedicated on-chip video processor
  • High-definition H.264, VC-1, MPEG2 and WMV9 decode acceleration
  • Advanced spatial-temporal de-interlacing
  • HDCP capable3
  • Spatial-Temporal De-Interlacing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Bad Edit Correction
  • Inverse telecine (2:2 and 3:2 pull-down correction)
  • High-quality scaling
  • Video color correction
  • Microsoft Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) support

Advanced Display Functionality

  • Two dual-link DVI outputs for digital flat panel display resolutions up to 2560x1600
  • One dual-link DVI outputs for digital flat panel display resolutions up to 2560x16004
  • Dual integrated 400MHz RAMDACs for analog display resolutions up to and including 2048x1536 at 85Hz
  • Integrated HDTV encoder provides analog TV-output (Component/Composite/S-Video) up to 1080i resolution
  • NVIDIA nView multi-display technology capability
  • 10-bit display processing

Dynamic Color Enhancement

By analyzing the color components of each frame, we can also isolate and improve the appearance of blue, green, and skin tones, which the human eye is particularly sensitive to. Unlike televisions which have built-in image processors, PC monitors typically display the input picture without any processing, which can result in comparatively dull images. Dynamic blue, green, and skin tone enhancement alleviates this problem by applying correction curves on these sensitive colors. The result is improved total balance and clarity, without over saturation.

Built for Microsoft Windows Vistapurevideo_ecosystem.jpg

  • Full DirectX 10 support
  • Dedicated graphics processor powers the new Windows Vista Aero 3D user interface
  • VMR-based video architecture

High Speed Interfaces

  • Designed for PCI Express x16
  • Designed for high-speed GDDR3 and DDR3 memory

Operating Systems

  • Built for Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Windows XP/Windows XP 64
  • Linux

API Support

  • Complete DirectX support, including Microsoft DirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0
  • Full OpenGL support, including OpenGL 2.0


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