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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 12 December 2008
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Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label Computer Case
Features and Specifications
First Look: Cosmos Black
RC-1000S Closer Look
Cosmos Black Label Interior
Black Label Limited Edition
RC-1000S-KKN2-GP Conclusion

Black Label Limited Edition

When I compared the original Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000 computer case to the Range Rover, I couldn't have been more accurate. The flaws exist in both, but I think what's obvious is that the Cosmos offers a lot of features and convenience at the expense of performance and speed. Cooler Master went back and made good on their design, added a black paint job over every conceivable part, and re-released in a limited edition. This is where I've got some mixed feelings about the Black Label set.

On one hand, you're getting something fewer than 500 other enthusiasts are getting. When you consider the number of product analysts, marketing specialists, sales team agents, demo loans, and countless other hands that will receive the RC-1000S-KKN2-GP kit, that number gets a lot smaller. So should only 500 people be allowed to own the improved version of the Cosmos? I hope not. If Cooler Master garners enough demand, perhaps there will be a limited edition Cosmos-only black label kit.


What you get for your (rather large amount of) money is a sealed black envelope, embossed with a foil Black Label Limited Edition logo and stamped with your production number. Inside is a "membership card", which is a glossy black credit-card look-alike with raised production number in the lower corner. In reality, you don't need to open the envelope, as there's nothing useful inside. Simply use your production number and product serial number (labeled at the back of the case) to register for the Black Label lounge.

So who is the Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label set really best suited for? The original Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU cooler did extremely well for itself, and still hold a spot in our Best CPU Cooler Performance series. So it stands to reason that a Limited Edition version would do just as well and perhaps look even better. We will soon see, as the Black Label Z-600 will be tested in the Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q4 2008 article.

Gamers are really not all that neglected, but certain video cards will thrive on the exhaust-heavy system others will require that you remove a fan to equalize pressure. The feature amenities are so numerous with the Cosmos that even the casual computer user would absolutely love this collectors edition case. The included UCP 700W power supply offers excellent voltage regulation control, and has a maximum output of 840W. Most users either under- or over-power their system, but my Core i7-920 with dual Radeon HD 4870 X2's in a CrossFireX array had no problem keeping demands under 600W.

From my personal impression, the Black Label set makes the perfect gift for the hardware-involved enthusiast who appreciates unique and well-performing products. Since we're only a couple weeks away from Christmas (and Hanukkah) the timing might be right,


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