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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 13 December 2008
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Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME Core i7 Motherboard
Intel Core i7: Platform Information
Intel X58-Express Platform
Gigabyte X58 Features
Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
GA-EX58-EXTREME Specifications
First Look: Gigabyte X58
Closer Look: Gigabyte X58
GA-EX58-EXTREME Detailed Features
Motherboard Testing Methodology
3DMark06 Benchmarks
PCMark Vantage Benchmarks
Crysis Benchmark Results
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark
World in Conflict Tests
Intel X58-Express Final Thoughts
GA-EX58-EXTREME Conclusion

Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME

The GA-EX58-EXTREME is the latest high performance X58-Express Series motherboard from GIGABYTE, designed from the ground up to unleash the awesome power of Intel's new Core i7 processors. Equipped with a host of new features including the new QPI interface, 3-channel DDR3 support, 3-Way SLI and CrossFireX support, Ultra Durable 3 technology and the industry's most extensive range of overclocking features, the EX58-EXTREME is bringing excitement back into the high performance motherboard industry. In this article, Benchmark Reviews compares the EX58-EXTREME to Intel's DX58SO Smackover and last-generations X48T-DQ6 motherboards.

The EX58-EXTREME was designed specifically to take advantage of the raw power of the next generation Intel Core i7 processors and the Intel X58 Express chipset, whose new evolution in computing architecture is able to deliver an amazing performance break through from past processor generations. Replacing the Front Side Bus is the new Quick Path Interconnect, or QPI, whose 25.6 GB/sec transfer rate (double the bandwidth of the 1600MHz FSB) eliminates the communication bottleneck between the processor and chipset.


Intel's Core i7 processors also feature an integrated memory controller inside the processor die and support 192-bit 3-channel DDR3 memory that delivers a 50% memory bandwidth enhancement and lower memory latency for incredibly fast memory access. Additionally, The EX58-EXTREME features Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which is able to power down idle processor cores and dynamically reroute the power to the active cores for significant performance boosts, and at the same time, maintain greater energy efficiency.


The Intel X58 Express Chipset continues to push innovation with capabilities designed to deliver quality, performance and headroom The Intel X58 Express Chipset achieves this performance by supporting the latest Intel Core i7 family of processors at 6.4 GT/s and 4.8 GT/s speeds via the Quick Path Interconnect (QPI), and enabling increased system bandwidth by supporting industry leading technologies, such as PCI Express 2.0 graphics, Intel Turbo Memory and support for Intel High-Performance Solid State drives.

About the company: Gigabyte United Inc. (G.B.T. Inc. USA)

Gigabyte United Inc., established in December 2006, is assuming the GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Brand, which for the past 20 years has been a world-renowned leader in the motherboard industry. Continuing to focus on its core businesses of GIGABYTE branded motherboards and graphics cards, Gigabyte United Inc. is committed to providing our valued customers with the highest quality products and services featuring the industry's most innovative design.Gigabyte United Inc. (G.B.T. Inc. USA)

In order to meet the challenges of today's intensely competitive channel market, Gigabyte United Inc. fully utilizes its key assets including its cutting-edge research and development team as well as its professional sales and marketing resources to continue to develop technologies to fit a complete range of digital life solutions. Now and for the future, Gigabyte United Inc. will continue to embody the unique spirit and culture, which has made Gigabyte one of the foremost brands in the industry.

More information about Gigabyte is available by visiting their website.



# RE: Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME Core i7 Motherboardfaroos 2010-04-15 08:08
Very usefull information
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# Is the watercooling optional?Joseph 2010-04-25 21:35
I really enjoy your articles.
Concerning the hybrid silent pipe ,once you have installed it. Can you just run the motherboard on air cooling or is watercooling mandatory?
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# Either or bothOlin Coles 2010-04-26 08:05
The motherboard's Northbridge is air cooled by default, and you can ADD water cooling into the mix at any time to enhance thermal performance. The waterblock acts as a heatsink, with or without water in it.
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# Without the hybrid silent pipe?Alphonsus 2010-07-22 01:43
I need to install the grass valley HDSpark video editing card & it gets in the way of the pci-e slot unless I dismantle the hybrid silent pipe. Will this damage the motherboard without the hybrid silent pipe?
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# RE: Without the hybrid silent pipe?Olin Coles 2010-07-22 06:53
The Hybrid Silent Pipe is an optional component, and it won't harm the motherboard is you choose not to use it.
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# RE: Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME Core i7 MotherboardSuvasis 2010-07-28 05:22
What is water cooling, if clarify will be great.
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