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Written by Mathew Williams - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 26 November 2008
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ASUS Radeon HD 4830 Video Card EAH4830
Radeon HD 4830 Features
Asus EAH4830 Specifications
Closer Look: Asus HD 4830
EAH4830 Detailed Features
Video Card Testing Methodology
3DMark06 Benchmarks
COD 4 Fraps Benchmarks
Crysis Benchmark Results
Devil May Cry 4 Results
World in Conflict Benchmarks
Asus HD 4830 Power
Radeon HD 4830 Final Thoughts
Asus HD 4830 Conclusion

Radeon HD 4830 Final Thoughts

Having run the Asus EAH4830 through a full range of benchmarks and tests, I can honestly say I'm impressed. At $100 after rebate from, it offers an excellent price/performance ratio. The big question is: where exactly does it fit into the HD 4000 product family? Our testing revealed that the HD 4830 is, on average, 10-12% slower than the HD 4850. On the other hand, it offers a 30-40% performance increase over the HD 4670. Clearly it is worthy of its 4830 model number, but is it right for you?


The first thing to consider when picking a video card is what resolution you plan to game at. If your monitor only goes up to 1280x1024, chances are you can get away the HD 4670, although you may have to turn a few settings down in more demanding games. If you don't want to compromise eye candy, or you plan on running at 1680x1050, then the HD 4830 is the perfect card for you. In fact, it will run all but the most demanding games (Crysis) at 1920x1200 with everything maxed out.

Given the 30-40% performance lead the HD 4830 has over the HD 4670, I'd say it is definitely worth shelling out the extra $30 for the 4830. Whether the 10-12% jump in performance the HD 4850 offers is the worth another $30 is up for debate. In some games that difference might be noticeable, but in most it probably would not. If you really need performance beyond the HD 4830, and want to stay within the ATI family, I'd recommend the HD 4870 or possibly two 4830's in crossfire.


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