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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 01 December 2008
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Patriot Warp v2 SATA SSD PE128GS25SSDR
Patriot Warp SSD Closer Look
SSD Testing Methodology
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Solid State Drive Final Thoughts
Patriot Warp v2 Conclusion

Patriot Warp v2 Conclusion

EDITORS NOTE: Please read Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing to understand how the benchmarks used in this article should be interpreted.

Patriot certainly knows how to grab consumer attention, as the Warp SSD product line wears an eye-catching retail package that injects a level of excitement into a product with no moving parts. I am impressed with the presentation in terms of aesthetics, but there's a lot to be desired when it comes to product information since Patriot omits nearly all of the product specifications from the package. Perhaps they were cutting corners by listing the most relevant features (SATA I/II compatible and 2.5" form factor), but sometimes the consumer wants to stand in the isle and compare one product to another making the product packaging their only resource.

The product appearance is otherwise top-notch. Patriot doesn't waste production costs on milled aluminum enclosures that never see the light of day once installed into a notebook computer. Instead Patriot uses an attractive black metal enclosure with silver and gold labels to dress up the unit.


Construction is probably the strongest feature credited to the SSD product line, and the Patriot Warp is no exception. Solid State Drives are by nature immune to most abuses, but add to this a hard metal shell and you have to wonder what it would take to make this drive fail. Patriot offers a 2-year warranty with free tech support (1-800-800-9600 in USA). There was a problem detected early on in my testing, and using Patriots RMA process I had a replacement within six days.

Based on the collection of benchmark tests we conducted, Patriot's 128GB Warp v2 SSD earns a position near the top of our performance charts. At this moment the value-priced PE128GS25SSDR model occupies the #3 position behind two of the most expensive Solid State Drives available, which is quite an improvement over their last generation product. With a sustained read speed of 125 MBps and sustained write at 85 MBps, the bandwidth available is quite enough to match the fastest Hard Disk Drives; but the additional benefit of an immediate response time makes all the difference in performance.

At a very-reasonable cost of $2.66 per gigabyte of SSD storage space (at the time of this writing), the 128GB Patriot Warp v2 Solid State Drive can be purchased from NewEgg for as little as $339 ($319 affter rebate). If you're not going to need that much storage space, the 64GB PE64GS25SSDR is sold for the more affordable price of $169 ($149 after rebate). I currently use a 32GB SSD on my notebook, which means that you can, too. NewEgg also sells the 32GB Patriot Warp PE32GS25SSDR for $88 ($68 after rebate). Bargain shoppers should use our Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals.

In conclusion, the Patriot Warp v2 128GB SATA-II SSD has really impressed me. Despite the large 128GB of DRAM capacity it must flash in each cycle, the PE128GS25SSDR produced a swift 0.19 ms response time that is roughly 45x faster than the Western Digital Raptor HDD. The write-to performance was actually about the same as the Raptor's, while read-from performance was nearly 59% faster; which means less wait time for impatient super-users like myself. I don't expect anyone to be thrilled that the Warp SSD costs considerably more per gigabyte than the WD Raptor or Seagate 7200.11, but when performance is most important there's no denying the second version of Patriot's Warp Solid State Drive.Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award


+ Impressive 125 MBps read and 85 write bandwidth
+ Spatter-painted casing adds to appearance and appeal
+ Low power consumption may extend battery life
+ Lightweight compact storage solution
+ Resistant to extreme shock impact
+ Up to 128GB of SSD capacity
+ 2-Year Patriot Memory full warranty
+ Very low 0.19ms random access time
+ Only $2.93 per gigabyte SSD price ratio


- Metal case is heavier and less durable than plastic
- Early model firmware may fail under certain circumstances


  • Presentation: 8.50
  • Appearance: 9.50
  • Construction: 9.75
  • Functionality: 9.25
  • Value: 8.75

Final Score: 9.15 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

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# Firmware updateLubomir Fedorcak 2011-12-20 01:35
Helo, where i can find firmware update for the Patriot Warp V2 SSD HDD drive PE128GS25SSD-2E22B0908, S2SN-A28SMDCJ022-12E, TW92020005?
On i cant find this model.

Disk sometime freeze system on startup with Gigabyte T1125N notebook. When i try start system few times again, and system at last start begin, disk works propertly. Problem its only with starting system.

With another SSD disk OCZ agility3, or standard disk, notebook works propeltly. Notebook have instaled latest firmware from gigabyte.

Thanks for answer

Lubomir Fedorcak
Slovak Republic
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# RE: Firmware updateOlin Coles 2011-12-20 08:46
Please contact Patriot customer service:
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