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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 14 November 2008
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Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTV
Honeywell HDTV Features
MT-HWJCT42B2AB Specifications
Closer Look: Honeywell 42" HDTV
Detailed Exterior Features
Altura MLX Series Functionality
HDTV Power Consumption
Altura Thermal Management
Honeywell HDTV Final Thoughts
MT-HWJCT42B2AB Conclusion

HDTV Power Consumption

There's an old saying that "money buys power". Originally this was something most people associated with political power or power of influence. Yet thanks to inflation and poor resource management we all must now live in a world where development outpaces resource sustenance. So as our planet struggles to meet the demands we place on it, power companies have made this saying a much more literal one than before. Now, more than ever, money really does buy power. The only problem is that everything we use consumes it faster than it can be produced.

I promised myself not to make this section into a platform for world conservation (even though it would be the right thing to do), so that I could remain on-topic and express how important it is that we demand excellence from the manufacturers who produce our popular consumer electronics. During the past year, I have tested many products which set themselves apart from the pack by offering the same performance with the added benefit of efficiency. Why not then have this same expectation put on all products which consume natural resources?

Throughout my testing, I wanted to keep everything as relative and even as possible. So for power consumption testing I compared the Honeywell Altura MLX-series HDTV to the Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" LCD 1080P HDTV and SOYO 47-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV MT-SYXRT4791AB. I will agree that comparing a smaller LCD to a slightly larger one isn't completely fair, but I think you might be surprised by the results. To measure power consumption I used the Kill-A-Watt EZ (model P4460) made by P3 International and tested each unit under three conditions.

The tests began with a "standby" reading, in which power was connected but the unit was not on. In the "cold" tests I powered on the HDTV and displayed a black screen for less than one minute before taking power measurements. After the "cold" test is complete, I diplay a white screen for ten minutes before "warm" reading is taken. The results are displayed below:

HDTV Power Consumptiont

Standby Power Consumption

Sharp AQUOS 52" Standby 1.00PF 0.0VA 0W 0.00A
SOYO 47" Standby 0.24PF 8.0VA 2W 0.07A
Honeywell Altura 42" Standby 1.00PF 3.0VA 1W 0.02A

In standby mode, all of the HDTV's consume very little or no power at all. Ideally, you want a device that sips a little electricity as possible when it's turned off (into standby mode). High-power draw from dormant electronics is one of the leading reasons for high energy bills.

HDTV Power Consumptiont

Cold-Panel Power Consumption

Honeywell Altura 42" Cold LCD 1.00PF 212VA 209W 1.76A
Sharp AQUOS 52" Cold LCD 1.00PF 338VA 338W 2.86A
SOYO 47" Cold LCD 1.00PF 340VA 340W 2.86A

Warm-Panel Power Consumption

Honeywell Altura 42" Warm LCD 1.00PF 199VA 198W 1.65A
Sharp AQUOS 52" Warm LCD 0.99PF 196VA 195W 1.63A
SOYO 47" Warm LCD 1.00PF 291VA 291W 2.46A

The idea behind a cold- and warm-panel test is that you can determine the mean power consumption of the unit. Based on these findings, its apparent that SOYO's own MT-SYXRT4791AB was a not what you would consider a 'Green' product by any stretch. On the other hand, the Honeywell Altura MLX does fit nicely below the Sharp AQUOS once they both reached normal operating temperature. After all of the power consumption tests were complete, I began recording results for the next section: thermal management.



# RE: Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTVmanny i 2011-03-28 10:40
the manual that is prvided with the tv is not is not detailed on how to hook a sound bar or external speakers. the manual does not show how to install plug-ins. whoever put that manual togethe should be fired or sent back to manual writing school. in other words there is not enough information in it.
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# RE: RE: Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTVJohn Maddox 2011-07-25 13:30
Have you received any news on how to hook-up
remote speakers?
Honeywell 42" is a very good HDTV
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