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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 18 November 2008
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Cooler Master ATCS 840 Computer Case RC-840
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: ATCS 840 Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior and Pressure
Detailed Interior Features
Computer Chassis Final Thoughts
RC-840-KKN1-GP Conclusion

Detailed Interior Features

In this section, some of the optional configurations and features will be discussed. While most users stick the obvious layout that Cooler Master offers them right out of the box, there are a few creative configurations noted in the manual (of all places).

Cooler Master seems to go out of their way to teach you how to better organize your cables and components inside the ATCS 840. This comes as a welcome change for many, since most new computer cases offer unique features not first apparent to new builders. One such area is cable management, which on RC-840 gives a new dimension to static cable-feed points. Notice in the image below how the top I/O panel's wiring has been routed through the snapping "cable stays" in front of the motherboard tray. Additionally, power supply wiring can be fed up and through two small oval holes on the motherboard tray itself.


Packaged separately with the ATCS 840 was an optional external air duct unit. This air duct can be fitted with a 120mm cooling fan and attached over the expansion card slot grill to help create even more negative inner-case pressure, although in this case it would assist exhausting graphics cards with their duty.


By default, the RC-840 uses the lower location for mounting the power supply unit. However, if desired, you can outfit the ATCS 840 to use the more traditional upper position inside the computer case. This might be necessary for some power supplies, which have shorter cables and cannot reach the motherboard connections as easily.


Additionally, if you use all six drive bays to install a hard disk or SSD, you can use the optional mounting points to install two additional cooling fans to help force air over the components. Although most hardware enthusiasts average only two drives, there's an added benefit to having forced air cool your video card and motherboard with these fans, too.


For liquid-cooling enthusiasts, Cooler Master makes a special effort to accommodate your equipment without sacrificing space. If you remove the two top-positioned 230mm fans (as I recommended to equalize pressure), you can use the adjustable rails to install a radiator unit.


With so many different features integrated into the ATCS 840, I'm convinced that Cooler Master has aptly named this computer case the RC-840 Advanced Thermal Cooling Solution. At every step of our review, we found new ways to cool the most problematic hardware.

In the next section, I give my final thoughts on the state of computer cases... which might actually surprise you.



# mrjd 2010-03-31 18:15
I was wondering if you supply replacement parts ATCS 840 Computer Case RC-840 such as;
1. Front panel
2. HDD racks
3. HDD fan bracket
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# MrJim H 2012-06-30 04:57
Hello, i`m looking to purchase the RC-840-KKN1-GP Coolermaster ATCS 840, wondering if you can help me find one, thanks, Jim
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# RE: Cooler Master ATCS 840 Computer Case RC-840David Ramsey 2012-06-30 07:26
A search on eBay turned up one in Germany for $325...
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