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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 15 December 2006
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Antec P180B Performance One ATX Case
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: P180B Exterior
Closer Look: P180B Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Fit and Finish
Antec P180B Conclusion

Closer Look: P180B Interior

It would be unfair to say that the Antec P180B is all function and no fashion. Sure, it lacks some eye candy, I'll admit. But even with the lack of shapes and colors to keep your interest it is fair to say that the overall exterior design is refined and complementary.

More important is what's on the inside, at least that's what I hear. Open the P180B and you see a whole other side to this case you would have guess existed. Now form your first impression.

Antec P180 Series Performance One ATX Computer Case Interior: Service Side View

Antec has packed the P180B Performance One with every design feature available to ensure it earns its namesake. Pull-out cages equipped with draw rings and retainer posts make for handy access. Vented optical drive cage allows the screw less rails to glide in and out for simple installation. But wait, there's more.

P180B Interior: Back Corner View

Silicone rubber grommets are attached to the hard disk drive cage, and they are soft enough to absorb any vibration. There are even strips of silicone rubber inside the power supply frame; because where there's a fan, there will be vibration.

One obviously unique standout feature Antec has included is the seperated chamber system and cable vent portals. By design, this feature keeps the path of heated airflow contained and more efficiently exhausted from the case.

P180B Interior: Side View

Fan placement is well designed and well engineered. While the P180B comes with three 120mm fans, there is room for a fourth 120mm fan directly in front of the 3.5" drive cage.

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