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Written by Mat Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Monday, 27 October 2008
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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard
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Microsoft Sidewinder X6

Over the past few years, gaming on the PC has transformed from a niche hobby to a market in and of itself. More and more gaming-grade devices come out each year. Some accessories are just hype or a means to squeeze a few extra dollars out of unsuspecting customers whereas others genuinely make the gaming experience that much better. At the same time gaming hardware has also come to be synonymous with expensive hardware as gaming hardware frequently pushes the current norms and standards to their limits of usability, functionality and style (or taste in the worst case scenario). However, what does that extra few bucks get you? Some gaming accessories are absolutely necessary to play the game and have fun, such as flight sticks for flight simulators and other accessories filed under gaming are superfluous and for those who also want to show off (like some of the utterly ridiculous computer cases that exist out there.

The gaming keyboard is slowly becoming the norm attached to any gamer that plays video games on a regular basis. Any gamer that selects their preferred keyboard will almost instantly swear by it, but those who have not tried one will question its necessity. So why buy a gaming keyboard? There are many reasons, such as comfort, usability, customization and little tweaks here and there that make the keyboard easier to use when gaming is in the question.


The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 (AGB-00001) tries to be the keyboard for the gamer's gamer. It features the ability to program 90 macros using 6 proprietary buttons, the number pad, and 3 banks. It has backlighting for playing the dark, cruise control, on the fly macro programming, large knobs for volume and backlight control and audio shortcut buttons. It features keys designed for quick presses and fast action. Does it deliver? Read on and Benchmark Reviews will deliver the scoop.

About the company: Microsoft

Microsoft Hardware was formed in 1982 to develop a device that would help people use the company's new word processing program. The device was a mouse and the application was called Word, laying the foundation for a future of delivering hardware that helps people better and more easily use software.Microsoft_Logo_Black_400px.png

In the quarter century since, Microsoft Hardware has continually raised the bar, designing revolutionary peripherals that deliver groundbreaking performance, comfort and design.

From the original "green-eyed mouse" to groundbreaking products like the LifeCam NX-6000 and Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, Microsoft Hardware has delivered exceptional mice, keyboards, communication products, and gaming gear that has changed the way the world works, plays, and connects.


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