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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 08 April 2009
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Thrustmaster Run-N-Drive PC/PS3 Wireless Gamepad
The new Run-N-Drive Gamepad
Closer Look: Run-N-Drive 4160527
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thrustmaster Run'N'Drive Gamepad

As the executive editor for Benchmark Reviews, I don't often get to enjoy the products I test since my project workload receives my full-time concentration. But back in March (2009) Benchmark Reviews celebrated two years on the web and I felt like letting our writing staff take charge while I relax for a low-key break from the action. Since testing computer hardware products is a PC-centric task, I've never wandered very far from what I know. But after writing my editorial Year In Review: 2008 Computer Hardware Industry Failure it seemed wrong not to taste the forbidden fruit... so I purchased a Sony PlayStation 3.

Like most things I do in life, my PS3 acquisition was overdone. I didn't go and just purchase the system with a few games, oh-no. I must shamefully admit that I leapt into the world of console gaming entirely head first. Aside from the PS3 system, which quickly received an Editors Choice Award-winning Solid State Drive upgrade, I also purchased nearly two-dozen games and a Blu-ray remote control.


So what was missing, besides the time needed to enjoy myself? Well, for starters, I had a horde of games and only one controller. Several of the titles were multi-player capable, and more than anything I wanted to beat-up my friends at VirtuaFighter or Tekken. Once that got old, I decided to mix up the genre and challenge them to racing games such as Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. In the end, I discovered that my fighting skill was far superior to my racing skill... and I needed an edge.

Enter the new-and-improved Thrustmaster Run'N'Drive wireless gamepad, SKU 4160527. Now unplugged and built around the 2.4 GHz wireless radio band, this PC/PS2/PS3-compatible controller takes the Sony SIXAXIS to the next level and adds an optical wheel and under-belly triggers. With these very subtle additions to the standard controller, I was able to adjust my game play style and improve my competitive skill without a large driving wheel glaring in front of me (and friends).

About Guillemot Corporation

Guillemot Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories for PC and game consoles, offering a wide range of diversified products under the brand names Hercules for video, audio and Wi-Fi products, and Thrustmaster for PC and console accessories. Active in this market since 1984, the Guillemot Corporation Group is currently present in 10 countries including Germany, France, the UK, the United States, Canada and Italy, and distributes its products across more than twenty countries worldwide. The Group's mission is to provide innovative, high-quality products which increase the performance and fun experienced by gamers and music lovers.



# DetectionMirage 2013-02-05 10:27
I have gone through 3 of these in the past 3 years, I even tried a wired one, but it was constructed as nicely as the wireless one. The problem I keep having is the notorious drifting and stuck buttons. Typically the Controller will have a burst of working well after about 25 minutes of playing with it. The problem becomes when you first turn it on it drifts, you will walk forward or aim up and down with out pressing the analog. Also sometimes it keeps pressing a button by it self (i.e presses X when X has not been pressed). This may be the fault of batteries or calibration, but it certainly does not detect as when as a sony controller. I really enjoy the underside buttons, they are great for aiming (zooming) and crouching. If the can improve the response of the controller, that would be better. Maybe if the did have 2 AA, it might upgrade the signal.
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