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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 13 October 2008
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Thermaltake V14Pro CPU Cooler CL-P0471
Closer Look: V14Pro
CL-P0471 Details
TIM Application and Surface
Testing Methodology
Test Results: Stock Cooling Fan
Thermaltake V14Pro Conclusion

Closer Look: V14Pro

Thermaltake has taken an old idea, and made it BIG! In the article Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008 published three months ago, we tested the smaller Thermaltake V1 CL-0401 CPU cooler. While the V1 did well enough, it was far from matching the price:performance ratio that many other products have attained. Because of this, the V1 didn't fare well in our review. And so here we are at Q3 2008, and Thermaltake has refuted our claim that they make fashionable coolers with function as an after-though with their latest creation: the Thermaltake V14 Pro CL-P0471 cooler. Without any argument from us, the V14 Pro certainly appearsto be twice the cooler the V1 was, but it's looks that got Tt in trouble in the first place and this series is all about performance.


The V14 Pro is easily described as a V-shaped copper heatsink with cooling fan sandwiched between two finsink sections. Thermaltake would describe the V14 Pro as a Dual-V Series (Dual-V is actually a Tt trademark) cooler with six Dual-V heat-pipes running through 98 large copper fins and meeting with a solid copper base. The 140mm VR fan operates at a near-silent 16 dBA noise level.


The fan looks like it would draw air opposite in the direction it faces (back/exhaust pictured above), so I suspect that Thermaltake was not overly concerned with the motor section of the fan obstruction airflow. The six different heat-pipe rods actually span three per side, and appear to cross into the finsink at different distances from the base.

A metal mounting base backplate compresses the six copper rods into a polished copper contact surface, so very little Thermal Interface Material is necessary with the V14Pro even though Tt includes a small syringe. Copper is practically a precious metal these days, so expect to pay handsomely for the CL-P0471.


From the side view, you're able to see how the four copper heat-pipes terminate into the base of the Thermaltake V14Pro. It's curious that Thermaltake decided against larger 8mm rods, but perhaps this will have no effect on the CL-P0471.

In the next section, we take a closer look into CL-P0471 details.


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