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Wednesday, 05 June 2013

MSI Next-Gen Gaming Notebooks Announced at Computex 2013

New Extreme for Gaming Notebooks

By continuously making performance breakthrough and innovating user experience in gaming notebooks, MSI Computer Corporation gradually became the ideal brand of gaming notebooks in worldwide gamers for excellent performance and unrivalled gaming features. This year MSI launches a brand new series of gaming notebooks equipped with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core i7 Quad Core processors, along with the upgrade version of the MSI-exclusive gaming features tailored for gamers. Apart from further extending the 2012 industry leadership in system handling and gaming performance, this new series of gaming notebooks allows gamers to handle all games and multimedia under their fingertips and to conquer the gaming world in the cyberspace.

The performance of high-performance gaming notebooks is increasingly brilliant in all aspects. It is an emerging trend that gamers possess gaming desktop and laptop at the same time in order to immerse in the gaming world. Besides the increasing demand for hardware performance, gamers are expecting more and more exclusive features and enhanced functions. Through continuous technical breakthrough and innovation, MSI not only became the provider of gaming notebooks with the highest-standard processor and graphics card, but also provides gamers with richer gaming functions and friendlier user experience. In 2013, MSI has significantly enhanced the performance of its flagship gaming models and devoted to providing gamers with high-performance gaming notebooks of lighter weight, higher portability, and greater performance.

Full Upgrade of Exclusive Features for MSI Gaming Notebooks

Extreme Speed Super Raid 2: Storage with 3 SSDs and RAID 0 at 1500MB/s

MSI upgrades the mSATA interface for SSD on the Super Raid from 2 groups to 3 groups to triple the speed of any single SSD. Teaming up with a 750GB HDD at 7200rmp, the design of the entire storage system is optimized for super-high storage performance and capacity to fulfill the demand for efficient read/write of a large amount of war scenarios and sensational screens and timely capturing each and every opportunity for victory.

Exclusive Cooler Boost 2: Boosting Cooling and Reducing Noise by over 15%

By adding a heat pipe to the Cooler Boost linking up the thermal module at both sides of the CPU and graphics card, the Cooler Boost 2 efficiently transports the heat from the chipset to the vent on the other side to improve fan efficiency and temperature control effect. Besides enhancing cooling efficiency over 15%, the Cooler Boost 2 reduces system and fan noise up to 25%.

With cooling power supporting up to Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors with NVIDIA GTX780M graphics card, the Cooler Boost 2 provides users with better cooling effect and quieter experience.

Exclusive Matrix Display for Multiple Displays

The GT series is equipped with the latest Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 and the traditional D-Sub video interfaces. The Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 support the latest Ultra HD display at 4K*2K, and the D-Sub also support Full HD display for users to connect old projectors. Along with the built-in display, the GT series supports quad display in HD resolution at the same time.

The GE series is equipped with the HDMI 1.4 and D-Sub for dual display. Along with the built-in display, the GE series is the best solution for triple display on mobile platforms.

NOS OV: Instantly Boosts CPU and GPU Performance Fully Automatically!

Integrating the auto-switch hybrid power design with the OC function of Intel® CPU Boost and NVIDIA GPU Boost and the thermal module and fan temperature control design of Cooler Boost 2, NOS instantly boosts the system and gaming performance over 10%.

When the power consumed is below 180W or the battery level is below 30%, the Hybrid Power software and hardware functions of NOS OV system will automatically shut down battery power supply for the power supply to aliment the notebook and charge the battery at the same time.

Five Exclusive Features for Extreme Gaming Experience

SteelSeries: Full Color Programmable Backlit Keyboard for Professional Gaming

MSI equips all gaming notebooks with the full-color programmable backlit keyboard for professional gaming from SteelSeries. Besides significantly enhance key response and keyboard durability, MSI further equips the Windows function keys on the right hand side to significantly reduce the chances of unintended touch of Windows function keys while gaming.

Killer DoubleShotTM: Superior Speed with Killer LAN and Wi-Fi

Integrating the Killer LAN and Wi-Fi, the Killer DoubleShot delivers faster networking speed at a lower ping level. The Advanced Stream DetectTM technology defines the current gaming stream to enhance data flow and reduce latency time. Besides boosting online game speed, it allows users to download Full HD videos from Youtube or other websites 50% faster.

Exclusive Audio Boost: Enhanced Audio for Earphones

MSI gaming notebooks are equipped with an independent earphone amplifier specifically designed to drive medium-level gaming earphones and HiFi headphones requiring higher power and current to enhance the surround and 3D live effect. By enhancing the anti-oxidation effect and signal transmission efficiency and reducing noise in signals, and the gold flash audio jack with the best conductivity enhances sound purity and restores the original sound fields to deliver true 3D effect.

Dynaudio: The Perfect Sound in Reality

With the high-end sound system maker Dynaudio, MSI designs a sound system with frequency response most appropriate to gaming notebooks. Besides perfect sound quality, this system built with premium materials delivers excellent and clear 3D effect to ensure perfect sense of space for gamers to immerse in games or enjoy music as in real life.

Latest Sound Blaster Cinema Surround Enhancement Solution

In 2013 MSI adds the latest Sound Blaster Cinema surround effect enhancement software to its gaming notebooks already equipped with the Sound By Dynaudio 2.1 system, so as to provide a perfect solution to enhance surround effect, human voice clarity, sub-woofer effect, and base quality.

MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2 extreme MSI Flagship Gaming Notebook with Extreme Specifications and Performance

Since it was launched in 2012, the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition has received critical acclaim from gamers and heated feedback from the public for its cool appearance design and stunning performance. After upgrading all hardware specifications to the extreme, MSI introduced in 2013 the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme equipped with the 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4930MX Extreme Edition processor and the next-gen NVIDIA GTX780M GPU, which created a P32000 score in the 3DMark Vantage test after OC with the MSI-exclusive After Burner. The GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme is also equipped with the upgraded MSI-exclusive Super Raid 2 with a disk reading speed at 1,500MB/s; the high-efficiency Cooler Boost 2 thermal solution delivering a stable and durable operating environment for higher-level hardware; and the Matrix Display with VGA, Mini-Display, and HDMI video ports for multitasking without the need of adaptors. Overall, the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme is a dream gaming notebook in the Gaming Notebook industry.

In addition, MSI equips the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme with the Killer DoubleShot which boosts networking speed for ultimate smoothness for online games with LAN and Wi-Fi together. Along with the SteelSeries full-color backlit keyboard for professional gaming, high-end class sound by Dynaudio, and the MSI-exclusive Audio Boost technology, gamers will surely find the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme a total solution for "live" experience of games.

MSI GT70 Dragon Edition Performance and Features Total Upgrade

Launched along with the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 Extreme, the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 is equipped with the 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4700MQ Quad Core CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX780M/770M GPU to deliver light-speed gaming performance in Ultra HD resolution. Compared with the ex-gen GTX680M/GTX675M GPU, the GTX780M/770M delivers over 15% better performance in the 3D Mark 11 standard test.

Besides the powerful 4th Gen Intel CPU, the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 is equipped with a host of MSI-exclusive features, including the Super RAID 2, the fastest storage system in notebook history; the Matrix Display multi-display solution; the Cooler Boost 2 thermal solution; the NOS instant OV system; the SteelSeries full-color backlit keyboard for professional gaming; the Killer DoubleShot boosting networking speed for gaming with LAN and Wi-Fi together; the Audio Boost technology with independent earphone amplifier and gold flash earphone jack; the high-end class sound by Dynaudio, and the latest Sound Blaster Cinema surround enhancement solution.

MSI GT60 3K Edition World's First Gaming Notebook with 3K UHD & Triple Display

Although there are high-performance notebooks with high-level GPUs, they support only 2K Full HD display. Despite exquisite graphic features, users are unable to fully experience their powerful graphic performance. MSI thus launches the world's first notebook with 3K Ultra HD (UHD) display for professional gaming for users to experience ultra fine video performance. The GT60 3K Edition comes with a 15.6 WQHD+ (2880X1620) screen at UHD resolution to fully demonstrate the super powerful graphic performance of the 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4930MX Extreme Edition processor with the NVIDIA GTX780M GPU.

The GT60 3K Edition is also the world's first notebook equipped with the NVIDIA GTX780M GPU and supporting triple displays in super wide angle. Besides the perfect video for gaming, the GT60 3K Edition has 32GB memory; three SSDs each 128GB arrayed by the Super RAID 2 technology with one HDD at 1TB to deliver ultra access speed and super storage capacity; the SteelSeries full-color backlit keyboard for professional gaming; the Killer DoubleShot LAN and Wi-Fi adaptors; and the Audio Boost technology and sound by Dynaudio. Overall, the GT60 3K Edition integrates a host of luxury equipment to deliver stunning audio and video experience.

MSI GS70 Stealth The Rise of Ultra-Gaming-Ultrathin Shell + Extreme Performance

Being "thick" and "heavy" are the common characteristics of most high-performance gaming notebooks. To ensure high-standard, high-speed, and high-reliability computing, consumers began to get used to the inconvenient portability of high-end gaming notebooks. With the continuous and concerted effort of the R&D team, MSI broke the misconception of "high performance = thick + heavy shell" by launching the new-generation Ultra-Gaming Notebook: MSI GS70.

In a fashionable metal shell, the MSI GS70 is less than 2.6kg and only 2.18 cm thick. It is the thinnest, lightest, and best-equipped gaming notebook in the industry. Besides the MSI-exclude Super Raid technology to enhance data access speed, the dual-fan cooling design allows the 4th Gen Intel® CoreTM i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M GPU to deliver perfect performance in a reliable operating environment. In the 3D Mark Vantage test, the P Score of both the CPU and GPU is 18000 marks.

To ensure optimal gaming experience, MSI also equips the GS70 with the Steelseries full-color backlit keyboard and outstanding 2.1 channels audio. With one HDMI and two Mini DisplayPorts, the GS70 supports triple display at the same time to provide gamers accustomed to multitasking operation with more comfortable and convenient game space.


In a brand new shell design, the new-gen MSI GE gaming notebooks have a fashionable appearance and solid texture. The GE series is also upgraded to the 4th Gen Core i7-4700MQ processor and the ultra-speed storage Super RAID at 1,000MB/s (not found in the previous generation). The immediate key response and accurate handling of the SteelSeries professional gaming keyboard allow users to give accurate commands in real time. The super-speed Killer LAN adapter is indispensable from any online games.

To facilitate gamers to search for walkthroughs and browse social networks while gaming, the new-gen GE series is equipped with NVIDIA OPTIMUS technology together with the MSI-exclusive feature Matrix Display. Through the HDMI and VGA ports, users can connect two monitors for dual display with the new-gen GE. Together with the built-in screen of the notebook, users can run multitasking missions on three displays without using any external adaptor.

Ultrathin appearance, instant data retrieval, smooth gaming session, and low latency network access, the new-gen GE70 is doubtlessly a perfect option for gaming.

MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes Unleash the gaming performance

In addition to the Ultra-Gaming GS70, MSI introduces the GE40 Dragon Eyes, another ultra gaming book less than 2kg at only 2.5cm thick available in 17" and 14". They are lightweight and ultrathin but never flimsy. Besides the 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4702QM CPU and the NVIDIA GTX760M GPU, the GS70 is equipped with the MSI-exclusive Super RAID for instant data retrieval, the Audio Boost to ultimate sound effect, and the HDMI and VGA ports for multiple displays. After turning on the GE40 Dragon Eyes, Side A of the high-quality metal shell will emit red light, shining like the dragon's eyes.


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