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Written by Darryl Greene - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008
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WolfKing Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Timber Wolf
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Wolf King Timber Wolf

Today's PC gaming enthusiast is always on the lookout for the edge that will put him/her above other players. A performance gaming keyboard is at the top of the list of products that can certainly make a difference. Today Benchmark Reviews takes a look at what could possibly be an edge that some players are looking for, the Wolf King Timber Wolf gaming keyboard.

The typical gaming keyboard is hardly more than a standard keyboard with a few enhancements. They have unnecessary software to set up profiles for multiple games, which can bring along its own issues. Multiple and fast keystroke capability are also on the list of features. Will the design of the Timber Wolf change the way you play?


The TimberWolf Gaming Keyboard is engineered to give gamers the competitive edge they need to dominate their opponents on the battlefield. Its integrated design fuses the circular Warrior FPSgamepad with a gaming keyboard to deliver the control and precision today's gamers demand.

Keyboard Features:

  • Improved Performance - two keyboards in one, an integrated circular FPS gamepad coupled with a gaming keyboard delivers the performance you need.
  • Follow your instincts - patented ergonomic circular FPS gamepad design gives you greater control with a more instinctive layout of the main keys used for FPS.
  • Oversized vertical space bar - with aligned "WASD" layout, dual "Ctrl" and custom enlarged keys to maximize comfort, increase control and fit all hand sizes.
  • Hybrid design - makes it the perfect choice for gamers who need the flexibility of a dual function keyboard-for play or work.
  • Internet hot keys - 8 conveniently placed keys gives you easier Internet access.
  • Weapon keys - convenient button access allows you to switch weapons quickly.
  • Auxiliary keys - give you the control you need to customize your gamepad according to your personal preferences.
  • 40 dedicated gaming keys - economically arranged all within easy reach of your fingertips.
  • 2 USB ports - allow you to hook up devices such as gaming mice and headphones.
  • Customizable - height adjustment gives you better comfort. wolfking_logo.jpg
  • Noise reducing technology - flexible 3-layer silicon membrane allows you to play quietly.
  • Quality & Performance - keyboard lifespan rated at over 10 million keystrokes.
  • Plug & Play- USB. No drivers required.

About the Company: Wolf King

WOLFKING is a world leader in the innovation and creation of gaming input devices. Featuring broad-based PC & Mac hardware/software compatibility and a diverse selection of options in color/shape customization, WOLFKING products utilize advanced engineering and unique ergonomic designs that deliver the ultimate gameplay experience. WOLFKING is privately held and headquartered in Englewood, NJ.


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