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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 05 September 2008
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Enermax Aurora and Caesar Scissor-switch Keyboards
Aurora Premium
Aurora Micro
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Enermax Aurora Keyboards

Keyboards are a very personal piece of pheriferal hardware, and the one-size-fits-all approach rarely satisifies everyone involved. As a professional writer, I find myself to be quite picky about the computer components I use on a regular basis. I believe myself to be the poster-child for adaptabiltiy, but it's no picnic when I give up my favorite mouse of keyboard for a new design. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests three new keyboards from the Enermax Aurora Premium, Micro, and Caesar product lines. These keyboards all feature scissor-key compression mechanisms identical to most premium notebook computer keypads, and integrate High Speed USB 2.0 ports for added functionality.


Like your average pencil or ink pen, keyboards all feel differently to each of us. Some people love the feel of a notebook keyboard which uses scissor-lever actuation with confirming compression, while other people would never tolerate it. So this is going to be a review that caters to a specific group of people: those either willing to try something new, or those who know what they want - and this is it. In this article there are three premium keyboards featured, all made by Enermax (who is best know of power supply units).

All three of the keyboards featured in this review utilize the scissor-style key compression mechanism, and wear an alloy skin. The Aurora Premium is a full size keyboard with integrated audio jacks, while the Aurora Micro is a product true to its namesake and ditches the integrated audio controller along with the numerical ten-key. The Enermax Caesar is a full size keyboard that offers just about everything you could image a keyboard capable of... and then some.


About the company: Enermax USAEnermax_Logo.png

Enermax Technology Corporation, founded in 1990, is a leading manufacturer of high-end computer products. Established with a passion for progress, Enermax believes that the needs of our customers drive our design and development. Our aim is mutual growth and strength, enabling our team to help solve the most complex business challenges. Our very forward solutions provision is an integral part of a result-oriented relationship. Long a mainstay of the computer industry, Enermax power supplies have been ranked first for mission critical applications and high-end systems.


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