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ASUS P5E64 WS Pro X38 Motherboard E-mail
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Written by Ronald Tibbetts - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Table of Contents: Page Index
ASUS P5E64 WS Pro X38 Motherboard
DDR3 Technology Summary
Intel X38 Specifications
Package and Contents
Board Layout and Features
Board Layout and Features Contd.
ASUS G.P. Diagnosis Card
ASUS Special Components
BIOS and Tweaking
Performance BIOS Settings
BIOS Tweaking Contd.
P5E64 WS PRO Testing
P5E64 Special Settings
Test Results: Part 1
Test Results: Part 2
Gaming Benchmarks
Systems Test and Power Usage
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ASUS P5E64 Package & Contents

Most of us take for granted a products packaging, that is till the day we receive something that's been damaged in transit due to lack of, or improper packaging. Equally important to protection is proper labeling. For these reasons Benchmark Reviews is always critical of how companies pack their product; making sure the item well labeled, informative, and secure enough to make the punishing journey through shipping. As such, we will always spend some time in reviews on what most people will probably throw away without a second thought.


For their packaging ASUS has utilized a blue double carton box design for the P5E64 WS PRO that has become standard fair for their high-end motherboards, with an attractive outside shell that features a flip up panel to provide further details and specification. In addition to the well labeled box, ASUS has included a convenient built in handle allowing the entire package to be carried as if it were a briefcase.


As for accessories you won't find the P5E64 WS PRO lacking in any way compared to other high-end motherboards. ASUS has included a detachable POST code display unit with Power and Reset switch dubbed the "G.P. Diagnosis card", an exclusive accessory for the P5E64 WS Pro & and it's X48 counterpart the P5E64 WS Evolution (more on this in a bit).

Included in the package:

  • Eight red SATA cables, four with 90 degree connectors
  • One black IDE cable
  • One black floppy cable
  • ASUS Q-Connectors
  • ASUS G.P. Diagnosis Card
  • PCI bracket with one COM port
  • Metal rear I/O Shield with padding and EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection
  • PCI bracket supporting two USB 2.0 ports and one 6-pin Firewire port
  • General motherboard manual, Quickstart Guide and driver DVD
  • Two SATA Power Adapters


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