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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
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Mtron Pro 7500 32GB SATA-II SSD MSP-SATA7525
Mtron Pro 7500 Features
MSP-SATA7525 Specifications
Pro 7500 Closer Look
MSP-SATA7525 Detailed Features
SSD Testing Methodology
System Speed Test Benchmarks
HD Tach RW Results
ATTO Disk Benchmark
PCMark05 Results
The Truth Behind Heat Output
Windows XP Startup Times
Solid State Drive Final Thoughts
Mtron Pro 7500 Conclusion

Mtron Pro 7500 SSD

EDITORS NOTE: Please read Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing to understand how the benchmarks used in this article should be interpreted.

Solid State Drives have become a subject of keen familiarity for me over the past year. After testing more than a dozen SSDs, I have watched the industry opinion of these cutting-edge products sway from luxury item to performance hardware necessity. While it cannot be denied that SSDs are still a pricey gadget best suited for the affluent enthusiast, there have been so many new developments that now cost is sharply on the decline while performance is continually rising. With prices being much more affordable, and performance having surpassed the best HDD products long ago, it all boils down to a good price-to-performance ratio. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the premium MSP-SATA7525 SATA-II SSD from Mtron, a company that has become the grandfather of Solid State Drives.

By now it should be considered common knowledge that Solid State Drives are based on DRAM memory components, similar to the system memory kits for your PC. This makes them much faster than the magnetic spinning media inside a Hard Disk Drive, and much more durable. But what most people don't know is that not all SSD's are created equal, and the DRAM modules used can make a night-and-day difference to both cost and performance. Just like the RAM inside your computer, the parts inside the SSD are just as important in delivering ultimate performance.


Ever since the first Solid State Drive arrived to retail shelves, the marketing spin-doctors have had to work overtime at justifying their new product. Because SSDs are (still) considered a premium product, there have been no shortage of performance claims creating the image of a high-priced product that is worth its price in gold. I've already seen a few discussion get ugly, especially when it comes to power consumption and savings. In this article, we are going to sort fact from fiction as the Mtron Pro 7500 (MSP-SATA7525) is tested for bandwidth, power, and temperature performance. Through testing, we also prove that Intel's ICH10 controller is still not ready for Solid State Drive performance.

Solid State Drives are not for everyone. Similar to the evolution towards DDR3 system memory, a gradual replacement of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by the Solid State Drive (SDD) is going to happen very slowly. The retail cost of SSD's is the primary reason, since there are several ultra-performance SSDs being sold for more than the cost of an entire computer system. Other factors that contributed to the slow gain in popularity include the less than premium bandwidth yielded by some flash-based SSD's. But what if the price was within reach? What if the data throughput was better than anything else? This is where Benchmark Reviews comes in to answer the tough questions, as we test to determine if the Mtron Pro 7500 32GB SATA-II SSD is going to change the face of computing.


Mtron utilizes the Serial ATA (SATA) 2.0 interface for easy replacement of hard disk drives in both desktop and laptop computers with their Pro 7500 series SSD. The Mtron MSP-SATA7525-032-N-A has an especially great advantage for notebook computers and ultra-mobile portable computers (UMPC) because it uses flash memory for less power consumption with no operational noise, and has strong protection against outside environmental effects.

According to the research by expert market analyst, Web-Feet, the current SSD market has grown 74% every year, and it is expected to total $10 billion by 2012. The consumer SSD market is also expected grow significantly from 42 million in 2006 to $7.5 billion in 2012, replacing current hard disk with SSD.


About the company: Mtron Co.,Ltd.

Established in 2005, Mtron is the pioneer in Flash memory solution world by using their technology on storage, server systems, and security systems. Mtron merged with Digital First in 2008 and changed their official name to Mtron storage Technology. As worldwide leader in Flash memory SSD, Mtron focuses on R&D and market research in order to develop new SSD products for consumers and improve SSD industry around the world.

For more information, please visit the Mtron company website.


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