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Written by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 09 October 2008
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Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q3 2008
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Thermaltake V14 Pro (CL-P0471)

In the article Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008 published three months ago, we tested the Thermaltake V1 CL-0401 CPU cooler. While the V1 did well enough, it was far from matching the price:performance ratio that many other products have attained. Because of this, the V1 didn't fare well in our review. And so here we are at Q3 2008, and Thermaltake has refuted our claim that they make fashionable coolers with function as an after-though with their latest creation: the Thermaltake V14 Pro CL-P0471 cooler. Without any argument from us, the V14 Pro certainly appears to be twice the cooler the V1 was, but it's looks that got Tt is trouble in the first place and this series is all about performance.

The V14 Pro is easily described as a V-shaped copper heatsink with cooling fan sandwiched between two finsink sections. Thermaltake would describe the V14 Pro as a Dual-V Series (Dual-V is actually a Tt trademark) cooler with six Dual-V heat-pipes running through 98 large copper fins and meeting with a solid copper base. The 140mm VR fan operates at a near-silent 16 dBA noise level. Thermaltake uses a proprietary clip mounting system that features the standard Intel push-pin retaining system.


The fan looks like it would draw air opposite the direction it faces, however it draws from right to left in the image below. The six different heat-pipe rods actually span three per side, and appear to cross into the finsink at different distances from the base. A metal mounting base backplate compresses the six copper rods into a polished copper contact surface, so very little Thermal Interface Material is necessary with the V14 Pro even though Tt includes a small syringe. Copper is practically a precious metal these days, so expect to pay handsomely for the CL-P0471.


CL-P0471 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 171mm (L) x 100 (W) x 161 (H)
  • Heatsink Material: Copper Fins and Copper Base
  • Heat-pipe: Copper Tube 6mm x six pieces
  • Fan Dimensions: 140mm x 30mm
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Started Voltage: 7V
  • Fan Speed: 1000~1600 RPM
  • Fan Noise: 16-24 dBA
  • Fan Connection: Three-pin Molex
  • Weight: 840g


About the company: Thermaltake

Founded in 1999, Thermaltake Technology is the world leader in the supply of thermal management cooling solutions, high-end power supply and chassis for desktop PC and industrial application systems. Building on the strength of its people, products and extensive expertise in Thermal Management, Thermaltake raised the level of excellence on its Award Winning Purepower branded power supply as well as Xaser line of chassis. While mission-critical applications for Enterprises and ultimate video gaming experiences available for gaming enthusiasts all rely on today's cutting-edge PCs to deliver, high-end PC makers relies on Thermaltake to provide the most reliable power supply, the most thermally efficient chassis and cooling solutions.

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. started its core business based on our extensive knowledge of PC thermal management during the era where the area of performance CPU cooling was only exclusive for "overclockers" or PC enthusiasts. With the company's initial launch of Orb coolers, it created waves of shocks and appraisals throughout the gaming and overclocking communities. Thermaltake quickly became the name gamers turn to when they need high-end and reliable thermal solutions.

With company's core business of CPU cooling still growing at a vast rate, Thermaltake made another grand entry to the PC chassis industry. To date, Thermaltake has always been considered as the pioneering company that revolutionized the PC chassis industry with Xaser series enclosures. The typical and traditional beige and plastic front panel design was outdone by Xaser series chassis's atypical gaming red and aluminum front panel. It was also the first enclosure available to public with Hardcano unit which provided users full control over computer's thermal management system.

As a leader in Thermal Management, Thermaltake is the trusted supplier to many computer manufacturers providing Intel Validated and AMD Approved CPU coolers for today's high frequency and mainstream CPUs. At the pace of current technological advancement in multimedia application and multi-core processor, Thermal Management will become an evermore challenging task requiring innovative product design and reliable manufacturing process; a task that has made what Thermaltake is now and future.

In the year 2002, Thermaltake announced Purepower line of power supply unit for the ever-growing power-hungry PCs. Purepower series PSU quickly gained recognition with its extensive warranty and high-reliability guaranty. Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and ID team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and Power Supply for main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications; thus achieve Thermaltake 's company motto, " COOLall YOUR LIFE "!


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