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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 29 June 2008
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SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6
Features and Specifications
SOYO DYLM26E6 Exterior
DYLM26E6 Detailed Features
LCD OSD Menu Features
Performance Testing Methodology
Gaming Performance
Power Consumption
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Pearl Series Final Thoughts

Last year Benchmark Reviews tested the SOYO Topaz series, which successfully filled the value-priced segment of the desktop monitor market with a budget-looking product. The PVA panel in last years DYLM24D6 was worth every penny, but the looks alone were enough to reconsider.

This year, SOYO has us convinced that the Pearl series could be mistaken for a premium product with it's elegant looks and refined bezel finish; until you look at either the price tag or connection panel. Where I think that this product shines brightest is how it can offer only the basic features without looking the part. The PVA panel would have been a welcome touch, but the TN panel is far from poor quality.

I know that for me personally, when I shop for a new car I get the model I want in the base trim package. I don't need a factory installed navigation system or sun-roof, just like I don't need every video connection imaginable integrated into the monitor at my expense. SOYO approaches the Pearl series with a goal to provide the most essential items, without going "cheap" on basics.


If your desk cannot offer the accommodations for the DYLM26E6 model 26" monitor, SOYO also offers a smaller 24" widescreen with the same 1920x1200 resolution. The pixel pitch is reduced from 0.285 mm to a slightly sharper 0.270 mm, but the contrast ration is also reduced from 1200:1 in the DYLM26E6 down to 1000:1 in the 24" DYLM24E6.

The sharper pixel pitch may sound enticing, but be forewarned that having so many pixel crammed into such a small frame may cause eye strain on anyone who looks at documents or spread sheets routinely. The picture is still just as sharp, but it's overall viewable screen size is reduced almost 10%.

SOYO DYLM26E6 Conclusion

For a budget-level widescreen display, the MT-NI-DYLM26E6 certainly offers a respectable amount of high-end functionality while also remaining elegant with an appearance that could fool the most discerning shopper. The integrated speakers fire away from the backside of the panel enclosure, which makes them undesirable for anything more detailed than basic sounds. The monitor stand allows only a small upward tilt, so consumer in need of something more custom will need to look for a suitable VESA-100 stand or wall mount.

Construction is surprisingly clean and refined. SOYO has focused on bringing just as much quality to the consumer electronics market as they are bringing value, and it clearly shows in the DYLM26E6. Buyers should understand that the SOYO that made motherboards a decade ago is not the same SOYO that builds monitors today, which I feel is apparent from the excellent craftsmanship I've found in this 26-inch widescreen monitor.

In regards to product functionality, the SOYO Pearl series sets a new standard for large value-priced monitors. In fact, it practically establishes a whole new expectation for low-end products. If SOYO can offer premium-level menu options to accommodate high-end calibration, and an extra-large 26" LCD display panel with extremely low power consumption, then you might begin to wonder if the competition is simply taking advantage of your spending budget. So even though this a TN panel LCD, it still proves itself very capable at it's core: good quality widescreen pictures with acceptable color and brightness and no ghosting or motion blur visible at all.

At the time of this writing, the SOYO Pearl series is just making its way to market, and there are only a few select online retailers offering this 26-Inch monitor. At the time of product launch, OfficeMax offered the DYLM26E6 for only $379.99. Eventually other retailers began selling this SOYO 26" widescreen LCD for less, so check our price comparison tool for updates and potential sales on this product.

EDITORS NOTE: Readers have reported that OfficeMax does not offer a return policy. You may exchange a defective unit, but no returns are accepted.

In conclusion, there's no other product made today that matches SOYO's value in the Pearl monitor series. Clean delivery and design for make the MT-NI-DYLM26E6 a very desirable widescreen LCD monitor for the price. Basic video connections will keep this out of HDMI or DisplayPort environments, which wouldn't be suitable for the TN-panel picture quality in the first place. SOYO has has evolved beyond previous quality and performance levels to deliver a product that could be compared to more expensive products in regards to certain features. The monitor stand and speakers are just as basic as the connections, but the overall package of features and functionality make the DYLM26E6 into a rough diamond. Overall, the SOYO DYLM26E6 will be a good fit for entry-level consumers on a tight budget. This is a good monitor, at a great price.


+ The most affordable 26" widescreen LCD monitor available!
+ 1200:1 TN panel contrast ratio
+ 1920x1200 (2.3 MP) WUXGA resolution
+ 2ms Response time eliminates motion blur
+ Integrated 2W speakers for basic sound
+ High-quality component construction
+ Outstanding power efficiency - rivals most 19" LCD's
+ Attractive piano black bezel finish
+ VESA-100 Mounting points for wall mounting
+ Extremely low LCD-panel heat output
+ Excellent monitor for high-end video cards
+ 1-Year Limited Warranty from SOYO


- Very limited video connections (D-Sub and DVI only)
- Calibration can be difficult and complicated
- Speakers should be front-firing or not integrated at all

EDITORS NOTE: SOYO has filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business.

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