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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 29 June 2008
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SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6
Features and Specifications
SOYO DYLM26E6 Exterior
DYLM26E6 Detailed Features
LCD OSD Menu Features
Performance Testing Methodology
Gaming Performance
Power Consumption
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

SOYO DYLM26E6 Exterior

SOYO was the first name I ever learned when I became an enthusiast in the computer industry way back in 1998. That was forever ago, and back then it didn't take much to please me. Ten years later I have discovered that the finer things in life are more important, so quality and value are more critical to my purchase decisions they have ever been. SOYO has come a long way since the days it used to manufacture motherboards. While they have transformed their business into one that offers consumer electronics instead of computer components, there is still a small number of enthusiasts which will need serious convincing that they are not still one in the same.

It wasn't really all that long ago that I first purchased a 17" LCD display. At the time I thought that my new purchase put me on top of the world. While watching movies on my computer I quickly discovered that if the monitor was just a little larger, I could really turn my computer system into a home theater PC (HTPC). Today, nearly all of the things I could have wanted from technology are available in modern products, but the price can be a barrier.


When LCD technology was first introduced to the retail market many years ago, it was extremely expensive and only the most affluent consumers could afford it. Now several years later the price of LCD technology has dropped to such an affordable level that CRT monitors are no longer the standard and cost more to produce than LCD panels. Since the larger 26" LCD panels are relatively new to the market, their cost has remained high. The good news is that prices have dropped from $1000 for the Planar PX2611W we reviewed one year ago, down to below $400 for this SOYO DYLM26E6 26" widescreen LCD monitor.


Keeping to the basics, and providing on the essential accoutrements in a monitor, SOYO offers more value for the dollar than anyone else in this market. During the spring of 2007 SOYO stunned consumers with their 24-Inch widesreen LCD that sold for under $300. At the time, and even now, a price like that was unbelievable.

SOYO has returned to sweeten the deal, and offers the newly designed 26-Inch Pearl series widescreen LCD monitor DYLM26E6 for a mere $399 at the time of this writing. Apparently, the price of high-end graphic cards is going (way) up, but the price of extra-large monitors is coming way down.


Lowest-level pricing doesn't mean that you'll have to settle for less, though. SOYO still offers a good balance of performance to the value, although most aspects of the DYLM26E6 are kept either minimal or basic. In previous SOYO monitors, namely the Topaz series, the stand was almost unbearable.

Redesigned in the Pearl series, SOYO keeps the stand clear of cost-inflating features such as telescoping stand with 90-degree swivel, which I would consider to be unrealistic for any 26" monitor. Instead an appropriately-stylish stand is matched to the large 26-inch panel, which allows the screen to tilt from a perpendicular upright position to a slightly elevated position.


SOYO has included mounting points at the back of the MT-NI-DYLM26E6 to match the VESA 100 (100mm x 100mm) mounting format. Since the stand offers a minimal upward tilt with no other movement available, it might make sense to shop for a compatible VESA 100 wall-mount system or desktop stand if you're wanting more flexibility.

So that's the basic outer-shell of the SOYO DYLM26E6. In our next section, the detailed features are explored for this 26-inch widescreen LCD monitor.


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