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A quick look at Thunderbolt on the PC E-mail
Tuesday, 05 June 2012

A quick look at Thunderbolt on the PC

When Intel's Thunderbolt interconnect was formally unveiled last year, we learned that Apple would have first dibs on the technology. Device makers would be free to build Thunderbolt-compatible accessories right away, of course, but the first computers to employ the uber-fast interconnect would be Macs.

The enthusiast community met this news mostly with a collective shrug. We already had USB 3.0 ports with oodles of bandwidth for external storage devices that were affordable, backward compatible, and readily available. Thunderbolt hardware? Not so much. We also knew that Light Peak, the precursor to Thunderbolt, was conceived as an optical interconnect. Apple's implementation ditched optical fibers for copper wires, which simply aren't as cool... TechReport


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