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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bluetooth Arctic P311 Headset Review

Arctic approached us, there is little to test their latest production helmet, the P311. We tested the full range of gaming headset / multimedia. Some were quite significant, others less. But Arctic has the merit to diversify its field of competence, and the least we can say is that Arctic is a true jack-of-all, not always for the better, but the value is pretty unbeatable. Today, it is therefore matter of P311, it is not portable headphones sedentary nomadic wireless connection to Bluetooth. So basically, a helmet for our other Smartphones and tablets, the question remains whether Arctic has pulled it off by offering a good helmet, because again, Arctic size in the fat regarding the price. Indeed, the P311 is sold a whopping € 23.90, which is frankly not much for a bluetooth headset, but want to make cheap, are we still in the field of quality? ... Cowcotland


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