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Monday, 23 April 2012

Intel i7-3720QM Mobile Processor Review

After what seems like such a short time with Sandy Bridge, Intel's new Ivy Bride is here and it is poised to take the mobile world by storm. Not only is this new generation supposed to extend the Core-series' lead over the competition in a number of areas but in the mobile space at least, it should offer some unique benefits over its predecessor.

Even with the introduction of competing solutions like Sabine (the mobile version of Llano) and ultra portable Brazos platforms, few would argue that Intel's dominance of the notebook market is nearly absolute. But there have been some signs of that supremacy eroding in a few areas. With the notebook and Ultrabook market expanding at a breakneck pace, more and more focus is being put upon a combination of CPU and GPU performance coupled with great battery life and portability. AMD's aforementioned Fusion architecture -which included the Sabine and Brazos APUs- addressed this by effectively combining the central processing elements of a CPU and a relatively high performance GPU onto the same die. Considering more and more applications are taking advantage of the massive parallel processing capabilities of GPU architectures, at times the result of this synergy was something to behold but fell short in a number of areas, mostly due to a lack of CPU performance... Hardware Canucks



# buy 3720QMChuck 2012-04-30 11:36
Hey does anyone know where I can buy a new 3720QM?
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