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Monday, 23 April 2012

Enermax Revolution87+ 850 W Power Supply Review

Today's test subject will be the second strongest Revolution87+ with 850W capacity. This unit shares the same cable configuration with the 1kW model, so it is equipped with six PCIe connectors and two EPS ones, with all being available at the same time. Also Enermax states that for a short period of time, only 60 seconds, this PSU can deliver 935W.

Nevertheless we are not going to encourage you to overstress this PSU (or any other), since so far we have seen quite a few blown PSUs during peak power output, with some of them being high-end. PSUs are not like CPUs/GPUs so forget overclocking them. If you need more power then simply buy a stronger PSU and ignore peak power. On the contrary pay attention to the full continuous power and at what temperature this can be delivered... techPowerUp


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