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Saturday, 21 April 2012

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter - April 20, 2012

In this Issue:

· More GeForce goodness is on the horizon!

· GeForce GTX 680 and NVIDIA's new drivers take the wide screen gaming crown.

· GeForce GTX 680 with adaptive v-sync makes gaming smoother.

· Adobe CS6's support for NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla professional GPUs combine for real time editing of a cool music video.

· GeForce 600M and Ivy Bridge prove a killer combo for notebooks.

GeForce Facebook Page is Sneaky

The tech world is buzzing about a little teaser we put up on the GeForce Facebook page. It was just a pic and the words "It's coming". That is all it took.

"And with this picture they've just made the fine people at AMD crap themselves," one of the commenters muses."

Post your best guess on our Facebook page.

Kepler Goes Wide

One of the cool new features of the GeForce GTX 680 introduced was surround gaming. NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround expands your field of view across three monitors so you can game at 5760 x 1080. Our new Kepler architecture brings exciting improvement to 3D Vision Surround, such as the ability to run 3D Vision Surround off a single card.

Wide Screen Gaming is a website devoted solely to...well the wide screen gaming experience that three monitors provides, here is what they say:

"With the update to the NVIDIA Surround drivers, I can whole-heartedly recommend the NVIDIA setup as the best system of the lot. It has the least flaws by far, and now that you can even use it on a single card (such as the GTX680), it will be even more appealing to people. Put it this way - I made the effort to move from Eyefinity to NVIDIA Surround for my everyday rig at the conclusion of writing this article."

Another convert to Team Green!!!

Kepler Goes Smooth

People love Kepler because it is powerful; and efficient.

"The good news is that focusing on energy efficiency hasn't cost NVIDIA the performance crown."

Another cool feature we introduced with the Kepler-based GeForce GTX 680 is adaptive Vsync. Adaptive Vsync finds the best balance between the smoother performance of having vertical synchronization disabled and the artifact-free gaming of enabling Vsync.

"With Adaptive VSync turned on, the feeling of the game felt smoother compared to regular VSync turned on. The performance felt much like the game felt with VSync turned off. This is the kind of technology we like to see which has improved the innate nature of the gameplay experience."

Another technology issue solved by NVIDIA! And with our great driver program, every NVIDIA owner wins.

"We like the fact that this technology is not limited to the GeForce GTX 680 video card and family, but should work on previous generation video cards as well. Just make sure you have the latest 300 series driver installed. Kudos to NVIDIA for adding Adaptive VSync technology to improve the gameplay experience. It's good to finally see VSync's shortcomings tackled by NVIDIA."

Adobe + NVIDIA = Real Time Edits

Ever wonder how those hip music videos get all those cool effects? Many are created using the Adobe Creative Suite. With the pending release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium creative pros can bring their vision to life as fast as possible, without having to trade off quality for speed and interactivity. That is because Adobe CS6 has support of NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla professional GPUs.

So what? So motion graphics that would take hours to create can now be done in minutes. Effects that used to render a few frames per second now run at full speed. Adobe After Effects® CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe SpeedGrade CS6, or Photoshop® CS6, faster editing is now a reality.

See it in action in this ‘making of video' and see the end result in this Heavy Hand music video featuring NVIDIA's Andrew Coonrad on guitar.

GeForce 600M + Ivy Bridge = Notebook Bliss

Intel is yet to launch Ivy Bridge, but OEMs are so excited about their new systems that can't wait to tell the world, as evidenced by recent announcements of GeForce 600M and Ivy Bridge-based systems from Toshiba and Alienware.

The 600M GPUs were built from the ground up for incredible performance and power efficiency. By any measurement the new 600M GPUs are revolutionary with excellent performance per watt, excellent performance per wafer area and excellent overall performance. This raises the bar for notebooks from the UltrabookTM segment all the way up to gaming notebooks. We expect to garner the lion's share of Intel Ivy Bridge notebooks with discrete GPUs.

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