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Friday, 16 March 2012

HABEY USA PPC-6107 Compact ARM-based Panel PC Debuts

Habey USA, leading design and manufacturer of embedded systems, today announces the ARM11-based panel PC with battery backup, PPC-6107, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that provides a solution for most automation applications from building management systems to fleet management. Engineered to meet various processes of systems and integration, the 7" touchscreen PPC-6107 brings rich inputs and output interfaces, ultra-compact battery-powered fanless design, and wired and wireless connective power for cloud computing HMI; placing machine and system control at your fingertips. Powered by Windows CE 6.0, the PPC-6107 provides more technology features and a user friendly program for easier configurations, better support, and a convenient control for applications like telematics and navigation, automotive media center, VoIP and video phone, home automation and media center, order management system, E-education device, and advertising digital signature.

Product Highlight

Rich input and output interfaces

To address a wide-array of HMI needs, the PPC-6107 is optimized with a wide selection of input and output interfaces for both signal response and to feed to machines. IOs on the PPC-6107 include On the Go USB, USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet port, RS-232 port, Microphone, 2 MP camera webcam, Audio in, and SD slot for efficient integration into automation systems. A touch stylus is also included for easier interaction of the built in touch screen.

Compact Battery-Powered Design

Unique from other HMI is the PPC-6107's low footprint, fanless, mobile design. Coming in at a size of 180x125x27mm (WxHxD) and using a 7" diagonal TFT_LCD display, the mobile LED panel displays a clear 16:9 800x480 resolution with MPEG4/H.264 encoding/decoding at up to 30fps. Along with the fanless ultra-slim design, the PPC-6107 includes a battery pack that runs up to 5 hours and an average consumption of 6W to bring more control of system on transit applications. Including a standard VESA mounting bracket, the PPC-6107 HMI can be mounted in-vehicle or standard wall mounted.

Connective Power

For redundant connectivity, the PPC-6107 offers both Ethernet connection and WiFi wireless connection. For compact spaces, the 802.11 b/g signal opens the window to easy integration without loosing function (adaptable to cloud computing). There is also a RS232 port for serial communication and control.

Key Advantages:

• Freescale i.MX31L chipset
• ARM11 powered
• WINCE6.0 Compatible
• WiFi and Ethernet
• Touchscreen control
• Microphone and 2.0MP webcam
• UART RS-232 port device extension
• OTG USB and USB 2.0, SD Slot
• Super low power consumption
• 5-hour continuous battery support
• Operating extended temperatures of -10C to 50C
• Highly efficient fanless proprietary thermal design

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