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MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade Guide and Performance Testing E-mail
Thursday, 09 February 2012

MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade Guide and Performance Testing

In our past Solid State Drive Roundup, we found that the performance offered by SSDs is nothing short of phenominal. Apple, a company that prides itself in its focus of customer experience knows this, and as a result offers the availability of SSDs across it's Mac computing product line. However when looking at its MacBook Pro line, the cost of configuring an Apple built-to-order SSD powered notebook is steep. Apple offers 128GB, 256GB and 512GB SSD storage upgrades at the prices of $200, $600 and $1200 respectively (as per the Apple Store in Canada). But the cost of getting an SSD in your MacBook Pro (or any other Mac) doesn't have to be so high. This article is split up into two sections: the first showing you how easy it is to upgrade your hard drive based Mac to an SSD, and the second helping you pick which SSD to buy. The drives that will be compared are Crucial's m4, Kingston's HyperX, OCZ's Vertex 3 and OWC's Mercury Electra 6G. They will also be compared to Apple's 5400rpm and 7200rpm hard drives... circuitREMIX


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