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How To Build A Windows Home Server E-mail
Friday, 30 December 2011

How To Build A Windows Home Server

Over the past few years our homes have become filled by devices which allow us to consume content. From each household having a main desktop PC for all the family many have expanded to have multiple PC's, or maybe a mix of desktops and laptops. A wide spread of consumers also have various portable devices, maybe the iPhone 4S or an android tablet such as the Asus Transformer... then there are TV streamers such as those from ACRyan (Playon! HD2) which all provide us with players that are capable of streaming content whether it be on the internet, or on our local network.

To store our media library we can use devices such as a NAS, Synology offer some great models like the DS212j we reviewed a few months back or a cloud based service such as Google Music but often these don't offer the storage, flexibility or upgrade path that we are used to with a traditional desktop PC and large hard drive... HardwareHeaven


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