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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 22 June 2008
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Hiper Osiris HTC-1K514 Mid-Tower Computer Case
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Osiris Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Osiris Interior
Osiris Interior Details
Computer Chassis Final Thoughts
Hiper Osiris Conclusion

Hiper Osiris HTC-1K514-A1

High Performance Group (Hiper) is best known for their self-designed power supply units, yet they have recently begun to compete in the computer chassis market. Their first foray into the arena was with the rock-solid Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614, which could withstand brutal punishment while looking very stylish. Mere months later, Hiper has returned with the Osiris Mid-Tower 6063-T5 Alloy Computer Case HTC-1K514-A1. Named after the ancient Egyptian god of the overworld, this case comes equipped with many of the award-winning features found in the Anubis and adds a total of 20 new refinements.

Osiris defines a design level all of its own, beyond just the unique look and feel. The entire case is constructed for tool-less disassembly, and utilizes an innovative airflow concept which offers a superior cooling solution: The PSU is located at the bottom with a direct fresh air intake, so the heat of the PSU is isolated from the case completely. On the top and at the back there are 120mm fans with 3pin plugs for connecting with the motherboard. And, just like Anubis, the modular HDD rack has the third 120mm fan on the front. Moreover three PCI air ventilation plates are also included in the package; this provides better exhaust capability for systems equipped with SLI or Crossfire. Of course Osiris supports XL ATX PSU's and all graphic cards currently available.

On the outside Osiris has a stylish round shaped front. The I/O function panel offers plenty of USB ports and adds eSata capability while being conveniently located on the top front side of the mid-tower chassis. The edges of the buttons, plugs and the front side are diamond laser cut, giving off very nice accents in the right light. Hiper offers the Osiris in both brushed black and brushed silver alloy finishes.


Osiris is made entirely of 6063-T5 military spec alloy, which offers outstanding heat dissipation. A patented welding technology joins the parts to form an extremely solid case capable of withstanding tremendous abuse. The side panels are easily detachable and made 3mm-thick, and one EMI-proof window panel helps protect the components while giving a clear view to the hardware inside.

The HTC-1K514-A1 has been designed with thermal issues in mind and the specific placement of cooling fans the Osiris can effectively dissipate the conducted heat from inside the case. The side panel assembly is completely tool-less/screw-less and the drive-bay mounting is also tool-free.

An additional functional detail among others is the removable modular HDD rack with dedicated fan mount for optimized cooling. As a bonus there is a limited edition Osiris key ring supplied inside with the accessories. Osiris should be a very attractive mid-tower case for hardware enthusiasts and gamers with the cutting edge design and top-quality computer chassis construction.

About the company: Hiper - High Performance Grouplogo.png

High Performance Group was founded in Milton Keynes/UK in 2001. Based on high-end marketing and technology expertise the company is now among the leading manufacturers of PC power supply units & connection cables, HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer), low profile thermal solutions, and Digital Connectivity cables for Consumer Electronics, now with 6 offices and 3 warehouses.

Most of HIPER's products are patented before their releases. Our concepts and designs are protected & backed by solid patents covering most major countries. We have no doubt that our Innovation & Invention will continue to be a significant force, providing dynamic growth for HIPER worldwide.

The brand name HIPER represents the cutting edge technology, quality, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of more than 250 employees throughout Europe, Asia and North America put in every single product that is shipped from own factories. Due to the close partnership with major IT-companies HIPER products represent the latest state of technology. And even the very top of the line HIPER product can be afforded with a student's week salary.


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