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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Table of Contents: Page Index
ASUS Striker II NSE nForce 790i SLI Motherboard
ASUS NF790i SLI Features
Striker II NSE Specifications
Closer Look: ASUS Striker II NSE
nForce 790i Detailed Features
Motherboard Testing Methodology
Synthetic System Benchmarks
3dMark06 Performance
Crysis Benchmarks
World in Conflict Results
Lightsmark Frame Rate Results
Power Consumption Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Lightsmark 2007 Frame Rate Results

Stepan Hrbek is the mastermind behind Lightmark 2007, a program that allows you to benchmark real-time global illumination. Natural lighting makes artificial graphics life-like and real. Computers get faster, but rendering more polygons doesn't add value if lighting still looks faked, so insiders know that the next big thing is proper lighting; aka Realtime Global Illumination.

Typical workloads in real-time rendering will shift, and Lightsmark simulates it. Global Illumination renders often take hours, so is your computer fast enough for real-time?

Before Lightsmark, real-time global illumination was limited to small scenes, small resolutions, small speeds, specially crafted scenes with handmade optimizations. Lightsmark breaks all limits at once, running in reasonably sized scene (220000 triangles) in high resolutions at excellent speed.


Lighting is computed fully automatically in an original unmodified scene from 2007 game World of Padman. This benchmark is not tweaked for Lightsmark, and contains all sorts of geometrical difficulties with extra rooms hidden below the floor.


This scene places medium to low demands on graphics cards and tests the maximum speed with which the scene can be properly displayed at each resolution.

With a large array of video benchmarks behind us, the point is clearly made. While the differences in performance between the ASUS Striker II NSE and Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 are barely noticeable at their best, there is a distinct indication that single-card graphics bandwidth and performance are practically identical.

It's a clear advantage to the ASUS Striker II NSE then, because with everything else being equal to the Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6, the NSE can still accept another video card and continue climbing up the graphical performance ladder.


Our next section was intended to include the disk bandwidth benchmark tests. However after hours of wasted time comparing one ICH9 chipset to the NF790i and coming up near-even, it shouldn't come as a surprise that all of our results were equally identical.

So in the following section Benchmark Reviews will introduce a new angle in mainboard testing, and we shall see how these motherboards compare in regards to energy consumption. Let's hope that this will help decide an outcome, because this might be the first time I've seen identical products from different chipset manufacturers.



# presentremeron 2010-02-19 08:03
and now that the poor asus nvidia 790i is given away what do you think is a good buy? which offers triple x48 video channel to 16 lines at 130 euro?
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# HmStruja 2010-07-21 01:56
I buy EX 9800 Gx2 & this mb , but this not working so good.Better buy something different
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