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Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008 E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
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Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008
Thermally Conductive Element Reference
Cooler Master Hyper Z600
Cooler Master CM Sphere
Gigabyte G-Power II Pro
GlacialTech Igloo 5750
Noctua NH-C12P
SilenX IXC-120HA2
Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer CR-CCTF
Thermaltake V1 CL-0401
Thermaltake DuOrb CL-P0464
TIM Application and Surface
Testing Methodology
Test Results: Stock Cooling Fan
Test Results: High-Output Fan
Final Thoughts and Conclusion
Best of Q2-2008 Conclusion
The Aftermath: Editors Notes

Gigabyte G-Power II Pro

For as long as I can remember, Gigabyte products have always stood out as being different. For the record, CPU coolers have a wide range of "different", as our collection for this article has proven. But the Gigabyte G-Power II Pro is a whole new animal, which doesn't happen all that often in this industry. So when I say they're different, I mean different as in the Segway or Good Year Blimp. The Gigabyte G-Power II Pro is unique in that it offers a viable cooling solution for enthusiasts and overclockers, but it goes about the delivery different than the rest by using a curved arc-shaped heatsink to help cool the system components at the same time as the processor.

While I can appreciate that Gigabyte is trying to cool two components instead of one, the G-Power II Pro doesn't have the most powerful fan integrated into it and should be paired with an exhausting case fan for best performance. Furthermore, the integrated fan will mean that hardcore overclockers will not be substituting the stock fan with another of their choice. Unfortunately, this also means that the G-Power II Pro is only going to receive stock fan testing for this article.


Gigabyte has designed the G-Power II Pro with five heat-pipe rods, which span into an aluminum heatsink base. The heat-pipes and base are both nickel-plated copper, which will add some uniformity to the overall appearance but also act as a barrier for escaping heat. The contact base of the GH-PSU23-PB is extremely smooth and flat, but it too is finished in nickel and thus reduces the thermal conductance between surfaces.

The Gigabyte G-Power II Pro uses a proprietary clip system for fastening the cooler onto the motherboard. Installation requires that the motherboard be removed from the case so that the screws can be fitted from the back. Once secured, the G-Power II Pro creates very good pressure between the contact surfaces.


G-Power II Pro Specifications

  • Product name: Gigabyte G-Power II Pro
  • Product SKU: GH-PSU23-PB
  • Heat sink dimensions 121x119x162 mm (D x W x H)
  • Fan dimensions 120x120x25 mm (D x W x H)
  • Number of heat pipes 5
  • Base composition Copper
  • Fin material Aluminum
  • Rated Voltage 12V
  • Rated Current 0.2A
  • Fan Speed 1500 RPM
  • Acoustic 23 dBA
  • Bearing type EBR
  • MTBF 30,000 Hours
  • Total Weight 590g
  • Fan connector 4-pin

As of July 2008, NewEgg lists the GH-PSU23-PB for $54.99. There may be other online retailers listing the Gigabyte G-Power II Pro for sale, so it would be worth comparing prices in our price comparison site.


About the company: Gigabyte United Inc. (G.B.T. Inc. USA)

Gigabyte United Inc., established in December 2006, is assuming the GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Brand, which for the past 20 years has been a world-renowned leader in the motherboard industry. Continuing to focus on its core businesses of GIGABYTE branded motherboards and graphics cards, Gigabyte United Inc. is committed to providing our valued customers with the highest quality products and services featuring the industry's most innovative design.Gigabyte United Inc. (G.B.T. Inc. USA)

In order to meet the challenges of today's intensely competitive channel market, Gigabyte United Inc. fully utilizes its key assets including its cutting-edge research and development team as well as its professional sales and marketing resources to continue to develop technologies to fit a complete range of digital life solutions. Now and for the future, Gigabyte United Inc. will continue to embody the unique spirit and culture, which has made Gigabyte one of the foremost brands in the industry.

More information about Gigabyte is available by visiting their website.


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