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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Enova SecureNAS T1 16-Bay Secure NAS System Unveiled

Enova's SecureNAS T1 Encrypts Data-at-Rest Using the X-Wall MX Processor, Which is Now Officially FIPS 140-2 Certified, and Provides Real-time Encryption/Decryption to the Entire Disk Array.

Enova Technology Corp., the real-time full disk encryption technology innovator, today announced the launch of its SecureNAS T1 Network Attached Storage system.

The Enova SecureNAS T1 is a 16-bay secure Network Attached Storage (NAS) system that integrates Enova's latest FIPS 140-2 certified X-Wall MX-256 (AES ECB 256-bit strength) and X-Wall MX-256C (AES CBC 256-bit strength) crypto modules that are responsible for encrypting/decrypting connected disk array real-time. The AES secret keys that operate the SecureNAS T1 are delivered securely via a remote Key Server that runs under the Administrator's Windows PC/Laptop. The entire disk array is hardware encrypted by the X-Wall MX crypto module (full disk encryption) thus no clear text is left unprotected. The AES secret keys and credentials are not permanently stored inside the SecureNAS T1 so that loss of the entire system or disk drive array presents absolutely no threat to all confidential data.

"We are excited about this new FIPS 140-2 compliant SecureNAS T1 product as it meets the stringent data security requirements including those of HIPAA, HITECH Act, GLBA and CA1386 for stored data security," said Robert Wann, CEO of Enova Technology Corp. "Small to medium businesses can also benefit from its ease of use and military strength data security features when it comes down to storing confidential intellectual properties."

Security Features

  • Hardware data-at-rest encryption - Dedicated hardware real-time FIPS 140-2 certified X-Wall MX-256 or X-Wall MX-256C Crypto Module that offers AES ECB/CBC 256-bit cryptographic strength for the entire disk array, encrypting every data block written to the disk while decrypting every data block read out from the disk drive without performance degradation;
  • Secure Automated Authentication - Key Server, at power on reset, authenticates the SecureNAS T1 remotely through certificate exchanged. The AES secret keys and credentials that operate the SecureNAS T1 remains encrypted on the Key Server. The SecureNAS T1 does not have any secrets left after powering down;
  • Backup Key Server - Optional Backup Key Server can duplicate all security parameters that Key Server is operating;
  • Disaster Recovery - Optional Secure File Transfer Protocol allow secure transportation of selected files and folders remotely from SecureNAS T1 to another through standard Ethernet connection;

NAS Features

  • 19" rack-mountable 3U chassis with up to Sixteen (16) hot-swappable SATA II hard drives;
  • Generic CIFS, NFS, and AppleTalk file protocols;
  • Hot spare and automatic hot rebuild;
  • Two standard Gigabit Ethernet ports that allows standard LAN or WAN configurations; Trunking/ Failover/Load-balance modes for option;
  • High performance hardware RAID 5 and 6 configurations;
  • Front-end LCD panel for RAID setting & ENC status;
  • Java-based GUI for centralized data and storage management;

About Enova Technology:
Enova Technology has dedicated research and development in hardware real-time full disk encryption technology since year 2000 and has brought up a variety of real-time crypto ASIC and system solutions including high speed interfaced IDE (ATA), SATA (Serial ATA), USB2.0/USB3.0, U.S. Government CAC/PIV based 2-factor authentication encrypted storage, SecureRAID 1U, SecureRAID Mini-Tower and SecureNAS T1. Please reference to Enova Technology website ( for comprehensive review. Additionally, the company's innovated X-Wall MX, the SATA-to-SATA real-time full disk encryption processor, has obtained FIPS 140-2 (US Federal Information Processing Standard) certifications.

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