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Saturday, 30 July 2011

NVIDIA nTeresting News - July 29, 2011

In this Issue:

  • The Audi A7, now with Google Earth and an NVIDIA GPU.
  • Crysis 2 goes DX11. Shows that GeForce GTX is DX 11 done right.
  • Learn the secrets of top CEOs.
  • GeForce GTX 580M. Fastest notebook GPU ever. 5 hours of battery life in Facebook.
  • Watch NVIDIA Siggraph presentation online.

GPUs Revving Up In Autos
As technology for cars continues to move forward, like most industries, better imaging is in high demand. Dashboards are getting more futuristic. Navigation systems are getting more realistic. Case in point: Audi.

The Audi A7 is among the first vehicles to incorporate Google Earth in its navigation system, which is powered by NVIDIA.

"The A7 features an award-winning navigation system that combines Google Earth satellite imagery with 3D terrain and an onboard road database to display a detailed topographical view. The nav system, powered by an NVIDIA GPU, is dynamically updated and supports voice commands. It's the first nav system from an automobile manufacturer to use Google Earth."

See it on video, here:

DX11 Done Right for Crysis 2
The PC gaming community got a boost when Crytek decided to upgrade the graphics for Crysis 2 to DirectX 11.

"The DirectX 11 update from Crysis adds plenty of graphical improvements that don't require the use of a magnifying glass to see."

GeForce GTX owners have reason to celebrate.

"The data speaks for itself and at 1920x1080 with 4XX in Central Park map, the NVIDIA GTX 590 does beat the AMD 6990 by 30%." - Jon Peddie Research, TechWatch newsletter.

GeForce GTX GPUs are DX11 done right and are built from the ground up for DirectX 11 tessellation, the key new feature for DX11.

CEOs Secrets Getting Out
Great CEOs have ways to influence people, motivate people, visualize what is possible, plot a course and keep stuff getting done. The Guardian gave away their secrets. Jen Hsun Haung, NVIDIA CEO shared his.

"I think hiring great people remains extremely, extremely hard," says Jen-Hsun Huang of NVIDIA. "You can never really tell how somebody deals with adversity. When you have a difficult situation, some people just take it and run with it.. Some people see adversity and they cower, as talented as they are. You could ask them about the adversity they had dealt with in the past, but you never really know the intensity of that adversity."

Fastest. Notebook GPU. Ever. Still.
NVIDIA has had the lead in notebook GPUs for over two years. Still do until someone knocks us off. The new GeForce GTX 580M continues that reign.

"What is left to say about the GeForce GTX 580M? Yes, this graphic card is without a doubt the new king of performance, and, yes, thanks to its various features and the better picture quality, the graphic card can distinguish itself from its main AMD competition."

It is so fast you can turn the IQ up, even at HD resolutions.

"Speaking of compromises, the GTX 580M based M17x R3 is a machine where we rarely have to make them. In all of the key titles from the past year we are able to game at 1920x1080 and other than The Witcher 2, which makes desktop GPUs struggle; we are able to play with maximum in game detail. There were also a couple of occasions where we were able to add anti-aliasing too, DiRT 3 being a particular highlight with its smooth framerates using Ultra (DX11) detail and 2x anti-aliasing."

Did we mention that you can get it with Optimus?

"Being able to use the system when away from the desk for nearly 4 hours of Windows based tasks is ideal, longer if we are just browsing."

We are looking forward to seeing performance comparisons for new games and DirectX 11 titles from our rivals. Too bad they cannot match the battery life.

NVIDIA SIGGRAPH "Tech Talks" Online
Can't make it to SIGGRAPH in Vancouver next month? No problem-NVIDIA will be live streaming most of our "Tech Talks" on August 8th, and all of our presentations in our SIGGRAPH booth "Innovation Theater" on our NVIDIA Facebook page:

On Monday, August 8th, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PDT NVIDIA will host seven interactive "Tech Talks" that will explore the impact of GPUs on state-of-the-art CG and interactive design, including panel discussions and technical ‘deep dives,' covering everything from advanced ray tracing, photorealistic rendering and simulation to tessellation.

At the NVIDIA Innovation Theater, sponsored by HP, you can see technology and product demonstrations that are being held on all three days of the SIGGRAPH exhibition (8/9, 8/10, and 8/11), highlighting the latest work from NVIDIA partners and customers such as Adobe, Dassault Systemes, Digital Domain, Geomerics, LookFX and Viewpartners, with demonstrations running on the half-hour throughout show exhibit hours.

So if you can't make it up to beautiful British Columbia, check us out on Facebook. For more information on NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH, go to:

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