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Written by Emily Ladouceur - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 13 December 2007
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Rosewill 10.4-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104
Closer Look: Photo Frame
RDF-104 Detailed Features
Comparison and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: LCD Photo Frame

I was pretty excited when I first saw the big black box with the photo of the Rosewill 10.4" Digital Photo Frame RDF-104 on the front. It looked like an actual picture frame and I had my choice of a light or dark wood. I thought that was a great idea for them to give the consumer an option. I kind of prefer the dark wood. It was extremely easy to switch out the frames. It was just like a regular picture frame with the screwed in latches that can be moved to release the frame from the body of the unit.

Rosewill 10-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104

After unpacking everything my excitement waned a bit. I realized this was a pretty big unit and would take up quite a bit of space. I realize that it's difficult to tell from the photos included but believe me ... this frame is quite large. I also felt a bit intimidated. The box promised that it was easy to use.


From the front the Rosewill 10.4" Digital Photo Frame RDF-104 is a very attractive frame. The interchangeable frames have a glossy, real wood appearance but they have the feel of plastic. The beveled edges add to the clean lines. The attached flat black mat (seen in the above picture) helps the unit look more like a frame and less like a small TV.

The accessories include the AC power adapter, DC power jack and the stand. I found it a bit odd that the stand was separate from the unit, but if you want to hang your frame on a wall you would need it to lay as flat as possible.

Rosewill 10-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104

The Rosewill 10.4" Digital Photo Frame RDF-104 comes with a remote control. There are many more options with the remote than with the selections buttons on the top of the unit. The remote is very small. It would be extremely easy to lose. Each button is about the width of a pencil eraser and the remote is approximately as thin as certain cell phones. I had to be careful to keep it near the frame so it didn't disappear.

Rosewill 10-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104

We'll take a closer look at the detailed features in the next section, so make sure you don't skip to the conclusion.


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