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Written by Ronald Tibbetts   
Tuesday, 11 March 2008
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Diamond Viper ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB Video Card
HD 3870 Package and Contents
HD 3870 Technology
Features and Specifications
Diamond HD 3870: Closer Look
HD 3870: Detailed Features
Video Card Testing Methodology
Real World Benchmarks
Synthetic Benchmarks
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

HD 3870 Package and Contents

The retail box is what you'd expect from a mid-range card without any "bells and whistles", using a basic double carton design that houses the Diamond HD 3870 snugly in foam and a static bag. I have to give "kudos" to Diamond here for not using any garish colors schemes or characters. Sticking to the familiar Ruby personality and using the equally familiar ATI red/black color scheme, making the packaging stand-out while also clear to read and understand.

Viper ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB

As a note however, the card is marketed on the retail box as a "Ruby Edition", though the card itself is devoid of any Ruby sticker that typically covers the stock heatsink fan shroud; this oversight is in no way a problem for this reviewer however contradictory it may seem.

Viper ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB

The retail package clearly lists the many features of the Diamond HD 3870, with logos for each of the supported technologies. However, there is a logo that appears on the carton that shouldn't. Some readers might be aware of the recent news story reporting that Diamond HD 3850's has the THX logo without any actual support for this feature. It now appears that Diamond HD 3870's have this issue as well. From Diamond: "It came to our attention that the "THX" logo mistakenly has been printed on 3850 box. This mistake happened as result of misunderstanding of former employee. This is to confirm that this product and or any other Diamond's products have ever supported "THX". This mistake has been corrected."


Though not the most complete bundle offered by add-in board partners, the Diamond HD 3870 does provide everything needed for gaming and video playback. Perhaps Diamond's reasons for not including any game bundles or vouchers is answered by their provided xDNA software drivers that allow CrossFire to run on any motherboard with atleast two free PCIe X16 slots. A nice trick potentially saving their customers money in hardware changes that could be used towards games.

Package Includes:

  • Diamond VIPER ATI RadeonTM HD 3870 graphics card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • DVI - VGA adapter
  • DVI - HDMI adapter
  • Crossfire Bridge Interconnect
  • S-video to HDTV (7pin)
  • S-video
  • Install CD (With CatalystTM drivers' 3D Mark'06 Demo and DVD playback software)


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