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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 13 January 2008
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2008 International CES Computer Technology Highlights
Belkin Flywire Wi-Fi N 5GHz HDMI HDTV Receiver
D-Link DIR-855 Router and D-Life
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI Technology
Thermaltake BigWater 780 ESA and Armor LS
Cooler Master CSX and Cosmos S Cases
SilverStone ESA Commander and SaberTooth Mouse
OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator and HydroFlow
NVIDIA Stereosonic 3D Gaming
Logitech Harmony One Touchscreen LCD Remote Control
Lian Li PC-P80 Full-Tower ATI Spider Case
2008 CES Final Thoughts and Conclusion

With over 2700 exhibitors showcasing at the largest electronics show in the world, it's tough to have a single booth stand above the rest. However, with Cooler Master introducing CSX, the competition had a hard time competing for attention. Not only was new technology be revealed, but with the artistic, sophisticated chassis CSX has created, by-standers had the chance to witness never before seen designs, competitive tournaments, and experience an overall gaming ambiance.

Cooler Master CSX Cases

Cooler Master has teamed up with Smooth Creations to provide hand-painted, limited edition chassis in many unique designs. Quality and craftsmanship stand behind these products, and each one is brought to life with exquisite detail. CSX isn't your ordinary chassis; it's a Customized Style Experience.

Cooler Master CSX Cases

Owner and primary artist of Smooth Creations, Jim Sailing was at the booth demonstrating his innovative, airbrush techniques. Benchmark Reviews was able to see how these high-end chassis are transformed into artistic masterpieces. CSX will brought 20 new designs to the 2008 CES. Gamers from around the world were also able to battle each other on these high end, custom built systems.

Cooler Master Cosmos ESA Case

The buzz word that kept a constant ring in my ears throughout the entire 2008 Consumer Electronics Show was ESA - Enthusiast System Architecture. The Enthusiast System Architecture is the industry's first open-standard PC monitoring and control protocol for real-time communication and control of system thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics. ESA-certified components and applications allow enthusiasts and power users to diagnose component-specific issues and tune their systems to meet their individual needs-whether it be reaching peak performance or modifying for a whisper-quiet home theater operation. Cooler Master has re-launched the Cosmos to include ESA integration - most likely to control fan speed within particular cooling zones.


Cooler Master Cosmos S "Storm" Case

Cooler Master Cosmos S "Storm"

During CES'08 Cooler Master launched a new branded product just for gamers: Storm. Of the first products to be launched using the "Storm" brand was the Cosmos-S ATX case. Designed for performance enthusiasts, this ATX chassis offers seven 5.25" bays and four more 3.25" bays inside the case.

Cooler Master Cosmos ESA and Cosmos Storm

The Cosmos Storm is still just as large as the original Cosmos RC-1000 that Benchmark Reviews tested a few months back, but it adds functionality that was otherwise missing in the RC-1000. At 23.5"L x 10.5"W x 24.7"H you can still expect to relegate this monster to the floor (unless you have an over-sized desk). Mesh covers many portions of the exterior panels, with special attention at the corners.

Cooler Master Cosmos ESA and Cosmos Storm

At the top of the newly re-designed Cosmos S case is a new touch pad panel. No power button here - just simply touch the impressed power receptor, and the Cosmos Storm comes to life. The once exposed I/O panel is now hidden beneath a glossy slide-back cover. Additionally, the remainder of the top is also meshed, which allows three 120mm cooling fans to exhaust heated air. Unfortunately, the Cosmos S doesn't appear to include ESA integration - a feature gamers and enthusiasts will here a lot about over the next year.


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